Saturn and the Hexagonal Cloud- and AStrology.

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    Hari Om ,

    I am trying to read more about astrology and effect of planets on human life.
    I was totally fascinated to read the truth about the planet saturn .

    Yes indeed the planet has the hexagonal cloud over one of its poles and it is an only planet with 7 rings.

    Since a long time scientist are not able to explain convinvingly why the shape of the cluoud is hexagonal and why it does not move over the other parts of the planet.

    Bapu explained this in the article stating that the cloud is held in positon by the magnetic fields created on the planet.

    interestingly, we all know Iron/ferrous is associated with Shani. So is the black color ! what a revelation it was in that article .

    I am starting this topic to discuss more on this subject.

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