River Nile

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    rashmi desai

    Hariom !
    I would like to say Ambadnya first for all that P.P. Bapu has given to us. One of it is Pratyaksha articles and the Universal Truth which is being shared with us. I feel myself lucky.
    During our college days we were taught that All ancient civilizations flourished along river valleys. But when I read the agralekh of 6th January 2015, I was extremely surprised and shocked to know the fact that, the river Nile was a specifically designed river by Ishtar Lucifer and worked as a super computer. It was designed such that it will flow along the Pyramids and Sphinx.
    I feel this point is of a really great importance and will change the entire scenario of how really the history has been interpreted.
    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
    ― Aldous Huxley

    Rashmiveera Desai


    Darshak Raut

    हरी ॐ,

    ११-११-२-१४ च्या अग्रलेखा मध्ये “शनि”(Saturn) ग्रहा विषयी बापूंनी जे वास्तव उलगडून सांगितले ते वाचून खरेच थक्क व्हयायला होत. ह्याच विषयी इंटरनेट वर माहिती गोळा करताना “नासा” (NASA) च्या ओफिशियल साइट वर एक लिंक मिळाली जी असे दाखवते की शनि ग्रहाचा एक उपग्रहा “टाइटन” (TITAN – हे नाव सुद्धा काही योगायोग वाटत नाही) ह्यावर नाईल (Nile)नदीसारखी अतिशय हुबेबूब अशी आकृती सापडली आहे.


    ह्या लिंक वर आपण ही माहिती वाचू शकतो.

    | श्री राम |
    | अंबज्ञ |


    Hari Om,

    I agree with Rashmiveera. The whole history of ancient civilizations except perhaps the Mohenjadaro and Harrapa, will turn Topsy turvy. We find some link of other civilizations to the NWO/Satan cult. The Nile, Babylon and some deities of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are turning out to be of dubious origin. I am eagerly waiting for the entry of Mohenjadaro civilization and how it vanished suddenly. Also about the Mayan and Inca culture.



    Origin Of River Nile still a mystery

    There are different beliefs on the origin of River Nile. While searching on the same I came across that the source of the River Nile is considered one of the earth’s most captivating mysteries. This has evoked interest of many people, around the world, including Herodotus , the world’s first historian, Nero, the Roman Emperor, Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer/geographer, James Bruce, the Scottish explorer, John Speke, the Englishman, Padre Paez, Spanish priest, Adolf Linent, the Belgian, Sir Samuel Baker, English explorer and Burkhardt Waldecker, German explorer. Everyone has different and extended opinion about the source. Herodotus believed that the river sprang from between two massive mountains. One of the findings says that the source of the river is Lake Victoria, which is the biggest lake in Africa. In recent years, ‘The White Nile Expedetion 2004’ also attempted to find its source. Presently River Kagera and its tributary, which is called Ruvubu whose headwaters are in Burundi, are considered to be the source of the River Nile. I really wonder that in today’s age of advanced technology with improved mechanism, the source of River Nile still remains undetermined and debated.

    The orgin also has some religious beliefs. According to Ancient Egypt, Nile came from a bottomless water jar, hidden in a cavern beneath the mountains at Aswan, and released at the appropriate time by the god Hapi(Nile God).
    Other rituals honours Osiris who, according to tradition, was killed and cut into little pieces by Seth, his jealous brother. Isis, wife of Osiris, pieced him together and brought him back to life. It was her tears of mourning that were said to raise the waters of the Nile.

    Different beliefs of River Nile still exists.

    ‘Egypt is the Gift of Nile’ this quote by Herodotus itself proves the significance of the river in Egypt. The river is said to nurtured various civilizations, with the increasing importance for trade, transport and commerce.

    However, as written by our Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu in his editorial Tulsipatra 1062 on January 6, 2015 this artificial river is created by Draco King Ishtar, with the help of King Gilgamesh and his Voodoo Guru Uthnapishtim which works as super computer on the principles of Draconians. The history has been indeed exaggerated to us.

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