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    Mihir Nagarkar

    Humanoid Reptilians a.k.a. Makarmanav have been offsprings resulting from mating of Dracos with Humans. The 13 Reptilian families mentioned in these editorials are believed to rule the planet.

    References of Reptilians have been surfacing in the editorial series authored by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi in dainik Pratyaksha on Anunnaki. One important point worth inferring I found in the last editorial dated 6th January 2014 is that, ‘one need not be a born Reptilian’. He can be converted into a Reptilian. Here we see Shukracharya turning Ahirtitan (Titan) to King Minos. With this Shukracharya is converting Titan into a Reptilian.

    There is one more reference. During the Anunnaki period King Bahuwak is the ruler of Rawerpind or modern day Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). He intends to convert himself to a Reptilian. But Nyx or Nishachari, the most formidable daughter of Shukracharya is heard telling Titan that due to curse of sage Kashyap, Bahuwak cannot undergo Reptilian transformation.

    One more thing that is mentioned about these hideous Reptilian race is that they are required to timely drink human blood to maintain their fraudulent human form in Reptilian bodies to fool the world. This indeed is demonic.

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