jai jagdamb jai durge

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    Ajay Bhalkar

    Hari Om,

    Till now we have got lots of information from bapu’s agralekha(article).
    in 1245 article bapu has reveled another character alela(wife of anu samrat,mother of ser and serafis anubis). herself she is ankara.
    the articles are not easily digestible to us but bapu has explained it in very beautifully manner so we are understanding it very easily. every time while reading i’ll get amaze how bapu could simply giving the references of old articles.(e.g suppose latest article no is 1245 in this article bapu is giving the references of a 1173,1027.etc this old articles.)
    there is no word to explain about bapu’s qualities as writer,as speaker,as fighter,as doctor , as father. bapu is bestet dad in world.
    i love u dad ambadnya
    jai jabdamb jai durge

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