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    Salil Tembe

    While searching on the internet I came across the Bohemian grove where a lot of rich global “leaders” come to meet together every year for luciferan, satanic rituals that go on for 2 weeks.
    It is one of the centers of Illuminati where the illuminati members across the globe discuss about the fate of the human race.
    They also conduct “cremation of care” where a mock human infant is sacrificed to Moloch.
    Seeing it all, gives us the idea of how dark it all is. It was interesting to learn from Bapu that this Bohemian grove is not something very recent but goes back thousands of years.
    It is also very disturbing to know about presence of such dark forces on earth and how they affect us all. Although it is very relieving that Bapu is protecting us and making everything alright!

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