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    Mihir Nagarkar

    The currently unfolding series on Anunnakis authored by Aniruddha Bapu seems very synonymous to the flow and direction of the current global political and military scenario.

    In the editorial, Tulsipatra No. 1066 dated 15th January 2015 of Pratyaksha a very important principal of modern day diplomacy and politics is exemplified by Aphrodite. In this editorial we read of Aphrodite entering into an alliance with Nuit and her husband Pan Hadit who is the Emperor of Markabin planet. Here we need to understand that Nuit is sister if Ishtar Lucifer who is leader of Dracos (Draconians) and of King Solomon who is brother, next in line to Ishtar. Nuit is also the founder of Zohr, which is separate and a dark branch in Occultism. Pan Hadit is the ruling emperor of the planet Markabin which had sided with Nimrod who is a deity in witchcraft and other occultist sects. Nimrod is also a former disciple of Shukracharya.

    Even after knowing all these facts about Nuit and Pan Hadit, Aphrodite is entering into an alliance with them. This is a clear pointer to the fact that in the coming times we should be ready to witness and accept some strange alliances. The good may have to side with the bad. But good will also remain good.

    Moreover Aphrodite is also keeping Nuit and Pan Hadit in dark about the real intensions of the strategic advances made by Draco emperor Ishtar Lucifer. Moreover she tells an altogether different story to Nuit and Pan Hadit which is far from the true intensions behind strategic advances made by the Draconians. Here again Aphrodite is exemplifying a very important quality which every good diplomat representing his alliance should have. It says, ‘there is difference between reality and truth’. If one is needed to tell lies to safeguard purity and righteousness then that is to be considered as an act of truth and only truth. Moreover with this Aphrodite has now created enmity between Nuit and Pan Hadit on one side and the Draconians on the other. Hence loss to any side would always be welcomed by Aphrodite that is the side of the purity and good.



    Yogindra Joshi

    ll हरि: ॐ ll


    मिहिरसिंह, तुम्ही खूप सुन्दर रित्या मुद्दे मांडले आहेत. रविवार दिनांक १८ जानेवारी २०१५ रोजीच्या दैनिक ‘प्रत्यक्ष’मधील अग्रलेख क्रमांक १०६७ वाचताना एका वाक्याने लक्ष वेधून घेतले. ते वाक्य होते- ‘यानाला गती देताना हर्क्युलिस(Hercules) जणू काही म्हणत होता, ‘अजून किती दूर जाशील?’
    प्रश्न असा उपस्थित होतो की हे वाक्य नक्की कुणाला उद्देशून आहे? अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईटला (Aphrodite) की नादानला(Nadan)?

    ll हरि: ॐ ll ll श्रीराम ll ll अंबज्ञll


    Shrinivas Gadkari


    The Agralekha series, in many places, refers to Aphrodite as
    “respected Aphrodite”. From the information presented to us
    so far, Aphrodite appears to be a personality of the same caliber
    as Shri Krishna. May be, Aphrodite WAS a female avatar of Shri Krishna.

    Hari om.

    Best regards,
    Shrinivas Gadkari


    Ajay Bhalkar

    atta paryant fakt evdhach mahit hote ki fakt dusht,apavitra ani dhurt lokach fakt chalbajimadhe,ghatpat ghadvinyamadhe ek number astat, pun adrniy Aphrodite pavitra margavarun chalnari apvitratech nash gadvinyasathi kuthlyali margacha vapar karun shraddhavanache rakshan karte.
    “mata Aphrodite cha vijay aso”


    snehal patil

    Beautifully written Mihirsinh. I too do agree with you. Ambadnya. I feel the current thursday discourses on “swarth – with compilance of purity and righteousness” which Bapu is giving, the agralekh series is in hand with it with examples. It teaches us to be brave even if extreme conditions rise up and to fight till our last breath for truth. Bapu mhantat “Balanno lachar banu naka”.
    Wherein the scientists all over the world are spending years of time and are struggling to solve these mysteries, We are so lucky that bapu is unfolding this for us, with so much ease. Ambadnya, Bapuraya.


    Mihir Nagarkar

    The Great Aphrodite

    The editorials of 15th and 17th February 2015 authored by Aniruddha Bapu that were published in Pratyaksha underlines and highlights the greatness of Aphrodite and exemplify the swiftness in her work and clarity in thoughts. But these two editorials there are two sentences narrated by Aphrodite which also reminded me of the greatest persona that I have met.

    In the 15th February editorial Hercules urges Aphrodite to create protective armour around Leto as she is imprisoned in the palace of King Minos or Titan. To this Aphrodite replies and reminds Hercules that Leto is her niece. She further says, “For me there is no difference between blood and supposed relations. What I consider once is what I consider forever. There is never a variance or contrast from that”.

    In the 17th February editorial Aphrodite is show to plot various plans against the evil doers. Hercules is the only and an over-joyed spectator to watch all this. After Hercules becomes aware of all the ploys that Aphrodite has plotted against the Dracos and others, Aphrodite tries to test him by saying the following words, “O great warrior Hercules! You are seeing everything that is happening. Try and understand my devious nature and skills at weaving conspiracies. How do you guarantee that I would not betray you? You still have time on your hands. You may leave if you want…” We are aware that Aphrodite is Goddess of Love. We also know that Aphrodite can never be devious or betrayer of good people and common masses. These qualities of Her are for the Satanists.

    Now consider the two sentences mentioned here. Do you associate anyone you know with these sentences folks?


    Sangita Vartak

    हरि ॐ,
    दि १ मार्चचा अग्रलेख खरचं खूपच थरारक व श्वास रोकून ठेवणारा असाच होता…. हा अग्रलेख वाचताना संपूर्ण प्रसंग समोर उभा झाला….. फक्त प्रसंगच समोर उभा झाला असे न वाटता त्याबरोबरच आपण तो प्रसंग प्रत्यक्ष अनुभवत असल्याचे जाणवत होते…. त्या भितीची जाणिवही अनुभवली…. प्रत्येक ठिकाणी झियसची (Zeus) हुशारी, सावधानपणा, संयमी, शेवटपर्यंत प्रयत्न करण्याची चिकाटी आणि महत्वाची भक्ती असे अनेक गुण अनुभवले…..

    अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईटने झियसला केलेली प्रत्यक्ष आणि अप्रत्यक्षपणे केलेली मदत मला विशेषत: जाणविली अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईटने (Aphrodite) झियसला वेळॊवेळी केलेले मार्गदर्शन त्याच्या कठीण समयी [जाहबुलॉनचा (Devil – Jahbulon) शोध घ्यायला दनुच्या गुहेत (cave of danu) गेला असताना] कसे उपयोगात येते ते दिसले….

    I) अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईटने झियसला दनुच्या गुहेत अंधार करणारा दिप असतो असे आधीच सांगितले होते ज्याचा त्याला पुढे मार्ग काढण्यास उपयोग झाला.

    II) अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईटने झियसला गरूड्पंथाच्या राजाचा वेष करून जायला सांगितले त्यामुळे त्याला खालील बाबतीत त्याचा फायदा झाला.
    १) काचेची नलिका – ज्याच्यामुळे नंतर त्याला अंधारात विजेरीचा उपयोग झाला.
    २) एथिडियम (Ethidium) – ज्याचा फवारा मारल्याने तो विजेच्या प्रवाहापासून स्वत:चे संरक्षण करून घेऊ शकला.
    ३) गरूड नाक – ज्यामुळे तो जहाबुलॉनच्या जळत्या डोळ्यातून येणार्‍या घानेरड्या दर्पाच्या धूरापासून बचाव करू शकला.

    III) जिकडे मानवी प्रयत्न कमी पडतात तिथे मदत करणारा महाप्राणाच्या जपबाबतही संगितले होते

    IV) शिवाय जेथे झियसचे प्रयत्न कमी पडतात तेव्हा त्याच्य मदतीला हर्क्युलिसला घेऊन हजर राहीलीच….

    V) एवढेच नाही तर शेवटी स्वत:च्या अलंकारतील एक मोती काढून जहाबुलॉनच्या अंगावर फेकला त्यासरशी तो परत एकदा दनुच्या आसनामध्ये कोंडला जातो.

    आहाहा काय तो झियस आणि धन्य ती अ‍ॅफ्रोडाईट….


    shantanu natu

    Hari om !

    Tulsipatra Agralekh 1089:

    In this agralekh, It is mentioned that the infamous “horemakhat” is a 25 year old person. And more to that the fact that he is not a human being raises a doubt that he might be a person who always remains like a 25 year old.

    Now here I recollect the Great “Aphrodite”. While describing “Aphrodite”, Bapu also mentioned that she always remains young and ” 24 year old “.

    Connecting these two facts, and the fact that our Great Aphrodite is the main enemy of all the Draco people, I feel that this Horemakhat or the Anger of Ankara might also be created by these Draco’s or other followers of Ankara with the single aim to fight “Aphrodite”.

    But while reading the Agralekh further, it feels great to know that the great “Hyperion” is going to take a straight fight with Horemakhat instead of Aphrodite having to interfere directly.

    It would be a really great to read now what happens next.


    Yogini Prabhu

    Aphrodite asked Nephil to see her like his mother

    हरी ओम,

    हर्कुलीस आणि Aphrodite बद्दल एक विचार सतत येतो… Aphrodite जेव्हा नेफीलच्या(Nephil) डोळ्यावरची पट्टी काढते तेव्हा ती त्याला म्हणते तू माझ्याकडे माता म्हणून बघ, आणि जेव्हा नेफील Aphrodite कडे पहिल्यांदा पाहतो तेव्हा त्याच्या डोळ्यात तिच्याबद्दल “आई” अशीच भावना असते.

    इथे Aphrodite चे अस्तित्व तर हर्कुलीसच्या जन्माच्या कितीतरी आधीपासून आहे, ती जरी २४ वर्ष्यांची वाटल असली तरी ती हर्कुलीसपेक्ष्या कितीतरी जेष्ठ असावी, मग जेव्हा हर्कुलीस आणि afara ची पहिली भेट झाली, तेव्हा तिने हर्कुलीस च्या मनांत तशी भावना का उत्पन्न केली नसेल…

    हर्कुलीस सारखा श्रेष्ट श्रध्दावान, ज्याचा उल्लेख “पुरूषोत्तम” असा केला गेलेला आहे, तो afrodoit ला पाहताक्षणीच मंत्रमुग्ग्ध झाला असेल ना… afara ला काय वाटले असेल त्या क्षणी?

    “कशी असेल या दोघांची “पहिली” भेट?”

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