Anunnaki reference in Puranas

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    Shrinivas Gadkari


    While referring to the shrimad Bhagavat puran this weekend, it was interesting to note that
    the eldest son of Svayambhu manu (the first manu), was called Priyavrata. One may wonder if he
    is in some way related to vrata family mentioned in the current agralekha mala – possibly the
    adhi-vrata is same as Pryavrata. Also it is mentioned that it was Priyavrata’s daughter Urjasvati
    who became the wife of Shukracharya. May be another name of Urjasvati is Ninku/ Ninki.
    Very likely one of the sons of Priyavrata under influence of Shukracharya, became the “Anu”
    from whom the entire Anunnaki history started.

    Clearly, Kadru is explicitly mentioned in Puranas as sarpa/ naga maata.

    I am sure that dear Bapu in due course of time will shed more light on how and where we have
    references of Anunnaki episode in the Puranas.

    Hari om.
    Shrinivas Gadkari

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