Truth behind Stonehenge


Suneeta Karande

Hari Om Dada
Today’s editorial of P.P. BAPU has revealed the Truth behind Stonehenge which was really become mystery for historians as well as Scientists
One article says about this Stonehenge that –
IT’S a puzzle that has taken 4000 years to solve: was Stonehenge built in a complete circle?
Extensive tests and excavations carried out at the site on countless occasions have failed to shed any light on the great mystery, with historians remaining unsure about where missing stones were originally placed.
Another article expresses that
Stonehenge was supposed to be a serene place. A magical place.
We are Ambadnya that due to our Sadguru BAPU we can understand the real scenario behind this without any efforts like excavation , survey , just sitting at home.
Only pain we have to take of reading PRATYAKSHA …
Adya PIPA has rightly pointed out in his abhanga-
Uthun basanya damalo nahi heech kay tee seva ghadali ….
It seems without our Bapu’s guidance no one can reveal this real fact till today as this History of Universe is itself unknown or may be purposely hidden.
It’s is astonishing that what a terrific mind Shukracharya was having in that ancient age who could construct such mystery. Alas! He could have surrendered to the Lotus feet of Mahadurga and Her son Trivikram….

I am Ambadnya
Suneetaveera Karande