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karan savur

Sadguru’s words that cure all the diseases

Hari Om,

Our P.P. Bapu’s grace has always been with us. He stands by us always. even in the smallest of nuances in life we can feel his presence in our lives.  Bapu always says,“Mi tula Kadhich Taknar nahi” and this has always come true in each and every shraddhavans case. Here i am reminded of an anubhav of my brother Nayansinh Savur. We had been to Bangalore for a wedding where Nayansinh fell sick. So we took him to a doctor over there and the doctor told us to do his blood test and it came as a shock for all of us that his platelet count had come down to 17000, which otherwise in a normal person is somewhere between 125,000 to 150,000. So the doctors immediately told us that we have to shift him to the ICU. So my father (Shivanandsinh Savur) called Vaibhavsinh Karnik to inform him and seek Suchit Dada’s guidance in this relation. In a unknown place where no one was around it was only Bapu who stood by us every second. And in the meanwhile P.P. Suchit Dada told us that after every blood test to keep him updated. Then Vaibhavsinh arranged someone from the Bangalore Upasana Kendra to send us Bapu’s photo and Udi, when it we received the photo and the udi we felt that Bapu had assured us that,”Don’t worry, I m with you”. Then we immediately applied the Udi to Nayan’s Forehead and told him to kept the photo under his pillow. Slowly his condition started improving and we informed this to P.P. Suchit Dada. Dada told us that we can shift him to Pune(where we reside) once his Platelet count touches 50000. The doctors warned us that it would be risky for Nayansinh to Travel in that condition but my Father was determined that it is Dada’s words to shift him to Pune and hence we have to abide by it. So as soon as the figure touched 50,000 my Father made all the arrangements to get him back. And believe me in the entire journey Nayan didn’t face any sort of difficulties. We landed safely and our Shraddhavan friends made all the arrangements so that Nayansinh can be admitted immediately to a nearby hospital. Soon Nayan’s health started improving and within a week or so he was back to normal. This is all because of our P.P. Bapu.
 Similarly Baba cured many People in this way, like in the case of Kaka Mahajani where he was suffering from Diarrhea and Baba gave him a handful of groundnuts to eat. Groundnut otherwise would have aggravated his problems but it happened the other way round, the diarrhea subsided. So here we come to realise that it is the Sadguru’s words that cure all the diseases (prarabdha). We have to therefore trust our Sadguru’s words and have complete faith that whatever he does is the best for us.