The Great Aphrodite


Mihir Nagarkar

The Great Aphrodite

The editorials of 15th and 17th February 2015 authored by Aniruddha Bapu that were published in Pratyaksha underlines and highlights the greatness of Aphrodite and exemplify the swiftness in her work and clarity in thoughts. But these two editorials there are two sentences narrated by Aphrodite which also reminded me of the greatest persona that I have met.

In the 15th February editorial Hercules urges Aphrodite to create protective armour around Leto as she is imprisoned in the palace of King Minos or Titan. To this Aphrodite replies and reminds Hercules that Leto is her niece. She further says, “For me there is no difference between blood and supposed relations. What I consider once is what I consider forever. There is never a variance or contrast from that”.

In the 17th February editorial Aphrodite is show to plot various plans against the evil doers. Hercules is the only and an over-joyed spectator to watch all this. After Hercules becomes aware of all the ploys that Aphrodite has plotted against the Dracos and others, Aphrodite tries to test him by saying the following words, “O great warrior Hercules! You are seeing everything that is happening. Try and understand my devious nature and skills at weaving conspiracies. How do you guarantee that I would not betray you? You still have time on your hands. You may leave if you want…” We are aware that Aphrodite is Goddess of Love. We also know that Aphrodite can never be devious or betrayer of good people and common masses. These qualities of Her are for the Satanists.

Now consider the two sentences mentioned here. Do you associate anyone you know with these sentences folks?