the Great Aphrodite


shantanu natu

Hari om

It is mentioned that the infamous “horemakhat” is a 25 year old person. And more to that the fact that he is not a human being raises a doubt that he might be a person who always remains like a 25 year old.

Now here I recollect the Great “Afrodite”. While describing “Afrodite”, Bapu also mentioned that she always remains young and ” 24 year old “.

Connecting these two facts, and the fact that our Great Afrodite is the main enemy of all the Draco people, I feel that this Horemakhat or the Anger of Ankara might also be created by these Draco’s or other followers of Ankara with the single aim to fight “Afrodite”.

But while reading the Agralekh further, it feels great to know that the great “Hyperion” is going to take a straight fight with Horemakhat instead of Afrodite having to interfere directly.

It would be a really great to read now what happens next.