Submerging of Atlantis


Shrinivas Gadkari


Another event which probably is very closely related to submerging of Atlantis is the Pralaya/
Deluge/”The Great Flood”. There are many theories floating around. The most sensible of these
is: There was a close encounter of Earth (Vasundhara) and another planet (may be Nibura/ Nibiru)
or some other planet. This close encounter created a gigantic tidal waves that caused the
pralaya. In addition the difference in the gravitational pull on near and far sides of the
earth (which is in fact responsible for tidal waves) also severely affected the Earth’s crust, which
may have triggered earthquakes and submergence if lands like Atlantis.

Many people will be eagerly awaiting the details of what exactly happened to Atlantis in
the forthcoming Agralekh articles.

Hari om.

Shrinivas Gadkari