Salute to Bijoymalana


Mihir Nagarkar

Salute to Bijoymalana in Tulsipatra No. 1060 dated 1 Jan 2015. Bijoymalana is a Queen. She is a leader. And yet instead of sending someone else to fight lethal Kadru (Longmu) she herself risks her life and infiltrates her underground safe-house. Very few kings or queens would have done this in history.

Here Bijoymalana is wearing mask of Sathadorina and fooling Cronus and company. Moreover she uses Kadru’s strength itself against her. Both of these actions seem a very shrewd ploy. It underlines the thought put forward by Sant Ramdas Swami, “ठकासी असावे महाठक”; meaning “Its not a theft to steal from a thief”.

***** Moreover one important thing I found in this editorial is, Bijoymalana is pretending to be dead. And she really seems so even to people like Cronus, King Solomon, Marduk and Longmu. Does that mean that she had powers to stop breath, heartbeats and other involuntary activities of body? If it is so then its phenomenal and it might mean that Bijoymalana had Vedic Indian Yogic powers. *****