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Sandeep Mahajan

Sai the guiding spirit-use of going to Guru

Hari Om

Very apt topic to start the discussions. We are all in this journey of Panchasheel due to Hemadpant’s Saicharita. Buddhisfurandata was indeed Sai Baba Himself but for Hemadpant’s prayas we would not have witnessed the exemplary bhaktas and their charita. Bapu has taken us on this fabulous and never ending journey but the coaches of this train are the 52 chapters of the Saicharita.

No wonder that Hemadpant’s series of anugraha’s start with his experience in the train. This was captured beautifully in your first post on Hemadpant and now being taken forward.

Many a times we too think what Hemadpant had thought initially ….if everything is pre destinied as per our Karma and Prarabdha then what is the use of going to Guru and choosing the right path. But then Hemadpant himself answers-

जैसे जयाचे अर्जित | नको म्हणता चालूनि येत |
होणारापुढे काहीही न चालत | नेले मज खेचीत शिर्डीत |



Parampujya Bapu

has said in many a gatherings that we all were in Shirdi previously at some time or other. Hence we are connected even now but how strong do we maintain the connectivity depends on the choice we make. We see examples like Chand Patil who get Baba’s grace but are not seen subsequently. And on other hand we have uttam bhaktas like Hemadpant who come and then choose Baba as the Director of their lives.

There are many such examples in and around us as well. Based on out Prarabdha and Arjit Karma we get pulled by Bapu but then there starts where we have to put in efforts. It might be as small as the sticks been put by the Gopas to support Lord Krishna but nonetheless the effort was 108% from the Gopas’ side. Or the efforts of the squirrels done for making the bridge towards Lanka. A few grains of sand which could stick to the little body of the squirrel later on shaken at the project site but were as valuable and important as the huge stones put in by the Vanars and Reechs.

Bapu instills the same confidence in us. He said ” Just start from where ever you are.” Many of us who are or rater all of us who are reading Dada’s post have already crossed that stage of Hemadpant when he was sitting in the train. The very fact that we are reading this post means that the स्फुरण has already happened…. journey has already started…. Bapu has already pulled the string and as a fledgling we are already under His wings.

What next then?

<p>Bapu has charted the itinerary for us which takes us to Ram Rajya and ultimately to Manidwip. The Hemadpant’s start of journey which you have posted is exactly where we are… Its the stage where the Vigat starts his journey towards becoming Sugati. And how reassuring is the fact that Vigat starts or joins the journey midway and yet reaches the destination. What can be a better example of His Achintyadani-ness and Akarankarunya. Like a loving father who takes care of his weakest of weak child He is there to hand-hold, pull-push and see to it that we progress.

Through His various Algorithms He is giving us the advantage of covering up the huge backlog we have to cover up. As Bapu said yesterday (30th January)-

विश्वास + गरज = सामर्थ्य
हा अनिरुद्धगति अल्गोरिदम आहे


Till the time this algorithm does not set in our life the journey will never begin. What happened years before when Hemadpant started his journey towards Shirdi (Shir +Dhi) can be understood with Bapu’s pravachan of 30th January very easily. And this understanding through Panchasheel is the one which gets this Aniruddhagati Algorithm well entrenched in our life.

Bon Aniruddha Voyage…..

Sandeepsinh Mahajan