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ketaki. Kulkarni

Sai the guiding spirit – unconditional love of Baba

Amabadnya Dada for starting a discussion on such a wonderful topic.
Just trying to put my thoughts here.
Sandeepsinh, Anjanaveera ambadnya for sharing your thoughts.

Hemadpant one of the best bhakta of Baba. Today we read the Saisaccharitra which is written by him.
The only thing reflects from this is the Akaran karunya, unconditional love of Baba. Had Baba not been so loving, today we wouldn’t have come across this holy Apaureshaya granhta. The person who was not even ready to visit Shirdi and take Baba’s darshan, have written this Saisacharitra. How else could be the pure love!
Also Hemadpant was a very honest and a shraddhavan person.

Vikalpa.. the greatest hurdle in our life. Greatest obstacle in our bhakti marg. We see in this case that Hemadpant saw his close friend’s son die inspite of being healthy and blessed by a guru. This was where a vikalpa was developed in the mind of Hemadpant. He started thinking that if a Guru cannot change our destiny then what is the use of making a guru.
Due to Baba’s love, Hemadpant was able to vosot Shirdi. We see how arrangements were done by Baba to make Hemadpant come to Shirdi. This is what is my Dad’s love.

Here in today’s world we see many people who try to divert our mind from the path of bhakti.
They themselves also don’t want to come nor do they allow others to get along this path. Here is the time for we shraddavans to maintain our faith on our Sadguru and not to let the vikalpa come across our way and take us away from our God, our Bapu.
एक विश्वास असावा पुरता करता हरता गुरु ऐसा…
Today our Bapu’s love is flowing in the same way for all his children, and to keep us away from all the evil things He has started teaching us the bestest algorithms.
The bestest algorithm given to us were the three sentences.. three steps of Trivikram.
1. माझा बालका मी तुझावर निरंतर प्रेम करत राहते
२. एक विश्वास असावा पुरता करता हरता गुरु ऐसा
३. हे माय बाप गुरु सर्व काही तुझा इच्छेने होवो.

and the other bestest of all algorithm given to us was last thursday.. ANIRUDDHA ALGORITHM.
विश्वास + गरज = सामर्थ्य

Now what else do we need!
No chance for any vikalpa or durvasana or any durbalata……
He has come to us in all ways, i.e 99 steps he has already come walking to us. Now its our turn to take one step towards Him.
Just one thing required. Complete faith in Him, Come what may, then to take care of the rest our Dad, our Bapu is always there for us.

I am ambadnya Dad to make me a part of your family.. part of this Chandikakul
I love you my Dad forever.

Ketakiveera Kulkarni

Dombivli East Upasna Center.