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Aniketsinh Gupte

Back to Back classic posts !! The discussion
is slowly and steadily gaining momentum with beautiful thoughts, verses, poems out now. Every post is an independent new colour which all have fused together to form a very beautiful picture – Sai !!! The journey of Hemadpant, Sai baba’s akaran karunya, Bapu’s quotes, abhangas by saints all intertwined into such a beautiful collage. Ambadnya again to Pujya Samirdada for starting back the forum. Ambadnya to all for actively participating and unfolding so many

The journey of Hemadpant to Sai i.e. from
hearing his kirti to the actual “dhulbhet” also indicates or hints to one more quote which Bapu has said to us numerous times. “Tumhi ek paul taaka,
pudhchi 99 paule mee taakin”.
For a person who had never seen Sai, just after hearing his narration from his friend readily accepts to visit Shirdi for darshan of Sai Baba. This was the ‘ek paul’ taken by Hemadpant. Then even when there is vikalp in the mind of bhakta, the Sadgurumauli takes the rest of steps and brings him
closer. This is just Love in its purest form. As
for a mother towards her child. Hence the word ‘mauli’. This mauli only brings us close, gives us strength, shows us the correct path of living. Everything is done by Sadguru. We just need to follow the path. A very interesting portion I remember here seen in a marathi movie named “Gajar”. This is a movie which revolves around the Vaari done by Varkaris to Pandharpur. These Varkaris
have so deep affection, love for their Vithu
mauli that every year they follow his path with a belief that everything in their life is done by their Vithu Mauli. This portion of the movie shows a farmer-Vaarkari being
interviewed. The farmer tells that they started doing Vaari and their lives
changed forever etc. Then comes the best
statement ever heard, “Vaarkari
sampradayitla ektari shetkari mala dakhva
jyane aatmahatya keli ahe”. This
is the pinnacle of the movie. The strength
bestowed upon them by Vithu
mauli. Mauli only has shown them the correct path of living. We have seen
or heard so many stories of farmers
committing suicide. In such a backdrop,
such a statement says much more about the
strength a person receives from

The path that Sai had set for Hemadpant was that of a task which would require perseverance and purna sharanya bhaav (Shraddha and Saburi). Hence Sai first bought Hemadpant under his wing,
showed him the livings of bhaktas like Mhalsapati, Shama, Dikshit
Kaka… and only when he was prepared, the question just popped out of the mind ! The thought of writing a book on Sai Baba’s life was never the first thought of Hemadpant. Neither had he come to Sai with this mindset. But Sai Baba had ! He has set
everyone’s karya in this world. Only the
karmaswatantrya of every individual then decides the reaching time to the karya