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Anjana Mahajan

Ambadnya Samirdada for providing us this forum to express our views on Shree Saisatcharit. Ambadnya for your inspiring words.Ambadnya to Ajitsinh and Suneetaveera too for their encouraging words. After a long gap ,after Panchsheel exams I have got a chance to express my views on the given topic.Everyone has written beautiful articles. We are learning from each other’s point of views.

In the story of Sapetnekar in Chater 48 ,mentioned by Samirdada from Shreesaisatcharit ,we see how gunsankirtan by Shewde helps Sapatnekar to get Sadguru Saibaba’s grace finally. Sadguru creates opportunities in our life to get His grace but we do not recognise those opportunities and miss the golden chance due to our doubtful mind,our ego,our selfish behaviour. On the other side we see Shewde who was not as bright student as others but his firm faith on his Sadguru Sainath makes him successful in the exam.Even though seeing all this Sapetnekar missed the opportunity to have a sadguru like Saibaba. He ignores Shewde’s words….मी ं न ज़री अभ्यास केला । माझा साईबाबा मजला ।पास कराया आहे बैसला ।करूँ मी कशाला कालजी । and he sees the result how Shewde passes in exams too by his Sadguru’s grace.He keeps himself involved in thoughts and doubts only and misses the opportunity of Sadguru’s grace in life. Ten years he misses this opportunity to get shelter at Saibaba’s feet and gets trapped in tragedies in life,he lost his only son….now as we see in the story of Amir Shakkar…Saptnekar also remembers God only when he has problems in life…..पड़ता संकट आठवें देव ।…

He does all pilgrimages but gets no peace of mind….then we see here comes the importance of gunsankirtan done by Shewde about Saibaba.Now finally he remembers about Baba and plans to go to Shirdi to meet Saibaba to get rid of his problems. Nothing was hidden from our Saguru Sainath…Baba does not allow him for His darshan….as without Sadguru’s wish no one can get His grace.Again because of his doubts,ego,Sapatnekar wasted more years but does not get. Baba’s grace…..

As he kept continuing his pilgrimage to get peace of mind Sapetnekar comes to Kashi….here Baba does His leela..seeing his constant efforts.Baba gives him darshan in dream. now Sapetnekar plans to go to Shirdi again to get Baba’s darshan . He sees Baba and realises that it was none other than Baba only who was there in his dream.
Baba also blesses him when he realises……आरंभी मी बाबांविषयी ।होतों कुतरकी तैसाच संशयों ।तेणेच वाटले ऐसिया उपायी ।बाबा मज ठायी पाडीत । महणूनि केला निज निर्धार ।अनुग्रह बाबांचा होयतोंवर ।तेथेच वृत्ति ठेवूनि स्थिर । रहावे सुसथिर मानसे ।
त्रिविध तापें तापलेला।वीर साईंचया दर्शना भुकेला । When he surrenders fully at Baba’s feet with काया वाचा मना …finally the time of grace from Baba comes to Sapatnekar too…he too realises his mistakes to come to Baba after so long.Baba blesses him with His blessings of getting a son for which Sapetnekar longed for as he had lost his only son.He became fully immersed in Baba’s Bhakti and got peace and happiness in life.This is the importance of a sadguru in life.

Here what we learn fro Sapetnekar’s story which is very similar to a comman man…that:
..1. In his life he had no grace of ‘Sadgurutatva ‘.
2.He missed the opportunity to go the shelter of Saibaba even though his friend Shewade told.
3.He could not realise the miracle happened in Shewde’s life when he passed the exam by keeping faith on his sadguru Saibaba.
4.He waited for so long to to go to Sadguru and gets caught in destiny and looses his only son.
5.He keeps himself trapped in doubts and himself makes a wall between him and God due to his ego.
6.But due to Akaran Karunya of Saibaba…Baba keeps him away from Vismruti ka shap and he remembers the gunsankirtan done by Shewde and goes to Baba.
7.He keeps doing Pryas to reach Baba even though Baba ignores him to make him realise his fault.
8.Here we see by constant Pryas and keeping faith and patience on Saiibaba ,even Sapatnekar got Baba’s grace.

Hemadpant has written Shreesaisatcharit by Baba’s grace and has done Baba’s gunsankirtan in the whole book.We have to learn to do gunsankirtan of our sadguru . As Baba has only said…
मग जो गाई वाडेंकोडें ।माझे चरित्र माझे पवाडे ।तयािचया मी मागे पुढे ।चोहीकडे उभािच ।
Hemadpant writes….होणें ज़री गुरुपदी लीन । तेणें करावे गुरुगुणगायन ।अथवा करावें गुरुकथाकीरतन ।अथवा श्रवण भक्तिने ।

That’s why we see Baba loved Rohilla’s gunsankirtan which was for villagers a mere troublesome shouting.Rohila was doing God’s gunsankirtan with full devotion and that is what God wants from us.what is our duty as per said by Hemadpant..we should keep on singing our God’s glory…we should keep doing our sadguru’s gunsankirtan to all.As when we do the gunsankirtan like Shewde ,may be we can bring a Bhakta like Sapatnekar to Baba and he can get rid of his problems. We can bring people who are in distress through our sadguru’s gunsankirtan…like Dasganu brought so many bhaktas by his gunsankirtan as Cholkar…Lala becoming Baba’s instrument…Nanasaheb Chadorkar kept doing Baba’s gunsankirtan and spread Baba’s glory.

We too have to learn from these bhaktas and keep doing our Sadguru’s gunsankirtan.As we all know Sadguru’s importance in life …we are blessed with our Sadguru Bapu’s grace.It is our duty to become His vanarsainik and help him in His work of the making the bridge of Ramrajya.we have to do our saduru’s gunsankirtan to give all the happiness what our sadguru Bapu has given to us.As we all know why Bapu is here,what is His work,His wish. As Bapu our Trivikram ,who is capable of taking three steps at one time,Who iis our Saviour in Kaliyug..who wants to give us Satya Prem and Aanand ..Who is taking so much efforts day and night for our well being…Who is here to save this world not to become a Kurukshetra but to become a Dharmakshetra.Bapu ,who has his power on Panchmahabhoot.
“कलियुग में एक ही त्राता अनिरुद्ध
राम रे ।मेरे संग चालें बेोले मेरा जगजेठीरे ।
As Shewde got grace of Baba ..we have got Bapu’s grace in our life..As Bapu says…success=your efforts +sadgutu’s grace..if we keep on walking on the path shown by our Sadguru and keep learning from the bhaktas from Saisatcharit ,how they did Baba’s gunsankirtan..then we can get our sadgurur’s grace and make our Sadguru’s mission easy.

Our aim should be…माझा देवाचे गुनसकीरतऩ़ ।And make Him to reach to all the people who are in need of His Grace.As our Sadguru Bapu says if we are from Chandikakul…there is no word like destiny in our life!Our Sadguru has given algorithms to solve all the problems and by giving Mahamantra Gurukshetram mantra and Trivikram jal, built His shield around us! This strength of our Sadguru Bapu which He has given to all shraddhawans,we have to share with all ,through gunsankitan.Ambadnya

Anjanaveera Mahajan