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Anjana Mahajan

Hariom Samirdada,
Ambadnya for giving us such a wonderful forum where we can express our views on the topic given from Shree Saisatcharit (Sai the guiding spirit Sapatnekar story. )
Very nice posts from all the shraddhawans.In my last post I wrote about the importance of gunsankirtan done by Shewde so Sapatnekar goes to Baba and gets His grace.I would like to do a correction in my post as Saibaba gives darshan in dream to Mrs Sapatnekar not to Mr Sapatnekar.Baba give opportunity to Sapatnekar by reminding about Him as Sapatnekar has forgotton about Baba due to Vismruti ka shap. Baba gives him opportunity by making him remember Shewde’s gunsankirtan.

Due to his own mental barriers ,doubts,misconceptions,ego,Sapatnekar creates wall between him and Baba and misses the grace of Baba and also faces Baba’s Anger. Due to AKARAN KARUNYA of Saibaba ,Sapatnekar again gets opportunity to go to Baba when Baba gives darshan to his wife in dream.Baba has LABHEVIN PREETI..for his This time when baba sees Sapatnekar’s Bhakti prayas and devotion Baba blesses him with a child and does grace upon him.

Here we see the importance of GUNSANKIRTAN of Saibaba done by Shewde .Same way we should also do gunsankirtan of our sadguru no matter who is the audience. As we never know who is in need of god’s grace like Sapatnekar.we must do our work as a VANARSAINIK .As in 2011 Adhiweshan a Samirdada told about importance of sadguru’s gunsankirtan.
As a shraddhawan our goal should be gunsankirtan of our Sadguru like at Saibaba’s time Dasganu maharaja,Nanasaheb Chandorkar an Hemadpant did and spread Saibaba’s glory to all over India.

Now our Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu’s followers are all over the world..we have to do his gunsankirtan so that his grace reaches to everyone who is in need.Like how Saibaba’s glory reached to Cholkar by Dasganu’s kirtan and also to Lala Lakhmichand and many more bhaktas. Same way shraddhawans like Samirdada is doing gunsankirtan through using technology ,social media as Facebook ,Twitter , blog,website and many ways through internet.In the guidance of sadguru Aniruddha Bapu of using science and technology gunasankitan is reaching all over the world.

Even at the remote villages in Kolhapur or Miraj or any remote village of UP ,all are connected through video conferencing and gunsankirtan. As gunsankirtan is the most important tool in Kaliyug to bring all shraddhawans on the path of Bhakti and seva along with doing their daily chores and purushartha.our SadguruAniruddha Bapu’s grace should reach to everyone who is in need as Bapu is showering His blessings tremendously,we have to collect His grace by our shraddha and Bhakti .

.Bapu is doing so much efforts for us day and night by his pravachan. His granths for us ,His editorials in Pratyaksh, His time to time guidance to make our life happy.As we are in the last phase of Kaliyug ,Bapu has already prevented us about Kali’s ulterior motives in Matruvatsalya Vindanam .Bapu has sung glory of His mother Mothi Aai. In Upnishad -Swastikshem Vidya ..Bapu has written about Vruttasur ,how he wants to make all the shraddhawans his slaves.
Bapu has come to save us from these devils.Bapu has given us Chandikakul .Mothi Aai and His three sons have come to save us from all evils.We have to be under the shelter of Chandikakul.As Bapu has told when we are from the family of Chandikul ,there is no word like destiny. Bapu Trivikram is saving ua from all sort of evils.He is the only saviour in this Kaliyug.So we must do His gunsankirtan and be on the path of Bhakti .

Gunsankirtan should be our only aim as we see shraddhawans like Gaurangsinh,Prabhakarsinh,Leeladharsinh,Suneelsinh,Sadanandsinh, Keshavsinh ,Yogindrasinh,Samirdada,Swapnilsinh,and many moe shraddhawans are doing Bapu’s gunsankirtan at a grand level.

Recently we saw grand gunsankirtan of Bapu in Delhi, Kolkata ,UP. We too got chance to be a part of gunsankirtan at Sharjah .All Middle East countries like Dubai,Sharjah,JabelAli,Muscat,AbuDhabi did Bapu ‘s gunsankirtan at a grand level along with satsang,experience sharing by Bapu ‘s grace it was a grand success and many new shraddhawans too joined Bapu pariwar.

Bapu gave Trivikram Jal to all shraddawans ,and even all centers got this jal by showing Bapu’s DVD at all centers to make this opportunity available to all .This gunsankirtan of Trivikram jal,alongwith Bapu’s pravachan was a grand success in Muscat with 300 shraddbawans ,who got this holy water with Bapu’s protection.As Bapu is our only protector.

Our prayer to our sadguru Bapu should be to always keep us under His shelter and to be tied to His lotus feet always ..

..ओ पालनहारे निर्गुण ओ न्यारे ।तुमहरे बिन हमरा कोनो नाहीं। हमरी उलझन सुलझाओ भगवन ।तुमहरे बिन हमरा कोनो नाहीं।

Meenavaini also said …

जे आले ते तरूनि गेले ।जे ना आले ते तसेच राहिले।
आता कैंची अमावस्या नित्य अनिरुद्ध पूर्णिमा ।


Anjanaveera Mahajan

Muscat Upasana center