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Anjana Mahajan

Sai the guiding spirit-Sadguru the doer of life

Ambadnya to Samirdada for providing us such a beautiful platform whrere we all can share our views on related topics of Saisatcharit.We are contributing our viewpoints on Hemadpant, a great devotee,who is an idol for all shraddhavans.Everyone has shared their views regarding him very nicely.

Reshmaveera has very aptly put up her points regarding Hemadpant as what should we learn from him : we should have full faith on our Sadguru,we should be attentive and alert,we should keep following our Sadguru’s words and fully surrender our ego at Sadguru’s feet . Hemadpant respected his friend’s request to meet Baba,surrendered his ego and wrote Saisatcharit by Baba’s grace…his journey from धूलभेट till लेखनी ठेवण a model for all shraddhavaans.

Ajitsinh,s posts are also very inspiring,he tells us how by Baba’s grace Hemadpant did not miss the opportunities given by his Sadguru Sainath.He made his life golden by grabbing those opportunities given by Baba to him.Same way our Sadguru Bapu keeps telling us not to miss opportunities sent by Sadguru to us and take benefit fom that and make our life golden like Hemadpant,as our Sadguru is the doer of our life.Ajitsinh also tells very correctly the qualities of Hemadpant that he remained grateful to his friends,who brought him to Saibaba .He has quoted a verse from Saisatcharit mentioned by Shrikantsinh in his post..
जयानेिच लाधलो हा सतस़़ंग
,सुखावलो मी अंग प्रत्यंग,तयाचंे उपकार अव्यंग ,राहोत अभंग मजवरी,
केवढा तयांचा उपकार,करु नेणे मी प्रत्युपकार ।
As Bapu also says we should constantly remember the help given by God to us.

Suneetaveera Karande has reminded us about Bapu’s algorithms .In His discourse Bapu tells us not to get trapped in the trap of Mahishasur and his army of devils who can take us to the downfall and make our life miserable.We should follow our Sadguru’s words and follow the devyan panth shown by Him to all of us,by having full faith in Him and in mother Mahishasurmardini;Durga;Trambaka as she is the only one who can save us from durgati,so we should firmly hold our Sadguru’s feet.

Aniketsinh has mentioned Hemadpant’s qualities in his posts..about his positivity as Saisatcharit is full of सत्य ,प्रेम ,अानंद, perseverance.We should learn as Hemadpant holding Baba’s hands,holding Baba,s feet firmly and keep saying “एक विशवास असावा पूरता,करता हरता गुरू ऐसा, as our Bapu says us to keep saying…All is well dad….all is well….in our life.

Ketakiveera also emphasized on full surrender at our Sadguru’s feet and quoted the apt abhang :
एकविध भाव नको धावाधाव अन्य कुठे ,नको येरझारया,बहु मूर्ति पाशाी अनिरुद्ध एकिच भार वारी.
She also picked up apt verse from Sundarkand….
जो संपत्ति सिव रावनिह दिनही ऐ दसमाथ ,सोईसंपदा विभीषनही सकुिच दीनही रघुनाथ….when he became shranagat…surrendered fully at Rama’s feet.

Harshsinh wrote a beautiful poem and put forwarded his thoughts by telling Bapu’s favourite quote of George Washington Carver..”Start wherever you are,with what you have,make something of it and never be satisfied.”in the case of Hemadpant we see this,and we should also make him our role model.

Pranilsinh in his beautiful post quoted Meenavaini’s abhang…
जे आले ते तरूनि गेले,जे न आले ते तसेच राहिले,अनिरुद्धाचा झाला तो उरला,दूजा दुखातचि रूला….he also quoted her great verses…
आता कैसी अमावस्या ,नित्य अनिरुद्ध पौिणेमा़.

Suyashsinh has picked up apt verses from Saisatcharit…
मीपणा समर्पिता पायांवर,सौखय लाधेल अपरंपार
सकल सुखाचा संसार ,अहंकार गेलिया ।

Shraddhaveera wrote hat when we go to our Sadguru we get सुख,समाधान,आनंद in our life.

Everyone has said the same thing regarding Hemadpant and to learn from him his quality of surrenderring at Sadguru’s feet. In my opinion this verse from Saisaatcharit where Hemadpant says…मी तो केवल पायांचा दास,नया करू मजला उदास,जोवरी या देही शवास निज कार्यास साधूनि घया ।
़़़is the essence of whole Saisatcharit.this verse shows the best qualities of the best devotee like Hemadpant.This verse teaches us importance of our life,means ..’till I am alive’,till I am breathing,Baba make me do Your work,,whatever You want me to do as per Your wish,do not disappoint me,I have to become slave at Your feet,and You make my life worth…this prayer Hemadpant does at Baba’s feet.
We all want to follow the goals which take us to Satya ,Prem ,and Aanand, for that we should make Baba the doer of our life…and make Him do whatever He wants us to do,then our life will become meaningful.Baba’s wish was Hemadpant’s wish ,same way we should make our Sadguru Bapu’s wish our wish.As we all know Harikrupa will kill our bad destiny,for that we should do more and more Bhakti and seva and grab all the opportunities which our Sadguru is giving us.
Instead of our wishes’संकल्प ‘ for us ,we should follow our Sadguru’s wishes’ ‘संकल्प ‘.Our Sadguru should make us His instrument for His work,same as Baba made Hemadpant ,to write Saisatcharit.Full surrender at our Sadguru’s feet…let Him make me do any role as He is the only one who knows the best for me.As ous Sadguru is the director of my life!..this was the firm belief of Hemadpant that Baba knows the best for my life and he remained faithful towards Baba’s feet for his whole life and kept saying…I am only a slave at Your feet,whatever role You will give I will follow without any argument.Hemadpant teaches us to become selfless and fully surrendered at Baba’s feet become Baba’s पायंाचा दास…then whoever does this will never be उदास…will never be sad or fails in life.He makes his life worth by becoming slave of Sainath as Hemadpant became.Here Yogindrasinh’s beautiful abhang is worth quoting…
‘सदगुरू दारीचा आहें मी हो शवान तेिच माझे स्थान सर्व काल’….
Anjanaveera Mahajan
Muscat Upasana centre