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Aniketsinh Gupte

Sai the guiding spirit- qualities of Hemadpant

Hari om,

The collage is just getting bigger and better !! The qualities of Hemadpant spotted precisely by everyone. The best part is relating the teachings of Sai, qualities of Hemadpant with day-to-day life, Dad’s teachings, the sweet abhangas. The day this forum has opened everyone is just enjoying the sweet nectar that is flowing from everyone’s beautiful writings. While we discuss the qualities of Hemadpant, the stories of Hemadpant which appear in Sai Satcharitra, two more qualities can be vividly seen of this great great shraddhavan.

1. Positivity : Hemdapant is a shraddhavan with full of positivity. This granth (or any great granthas like Bhagwad Gita, Gurucharitra) cannot be completed with any negativity. Hence every time any shraddhavan plunges into this love ocean, all he will find is Truth, Love and Happiness (सत्य, प्रेम, आनंद). Moreover this positivity is so infectious that once we finish reading even a single page, the negativity, laziness is thrown out ! We read stories of Hemadpant in Sai satcharitra wherein the journey starts from his धूळभेट at lotus feet of Sai till his nirvana. But has anyone thought about the past life of Hemadpant? How was Hemadpant i.e. Mr Dabholkar before coming to Sai. We may find reference but very few. This is a starking quality of Hemadpant. He never drools on the past. He never tells us how he was or had he or his family faced any problem and then Sai Baba solved those issues too. A person of the present. References given to other bhaktas past is only for the relevance to the story. We seldom have this habit. We always cry on our past. What we had, what we lost or what we gained. In this process, we lose much of our valuable present. Yes, learning from the past is a must but only for learning purposes. Sinhavloklan !! We have so much to gain from the present. Now a days with Dad teaching us algorithms, new technology, we should also keep our momentum going. But while gaining momentum, take a time or two to appreciate one another spreading this positivity among others. Everyone here has one or the another anubhav wherein we have experienced the love of our Dad. So instead of just complaining on our past, we can share our beautiful experiences thereby spreading positivity and beneftting everyone to increase our trust with our DAD.

2. Perseverance (सबूरी/चिकाटी) : A very big quality indeed ! The quality which we lack nowadays. I did two times anhik on Sunday and Monday, then I did it one time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as i didn’t have time, on Friday i forgot as i was busy in office till late hours. Everyone’s story, isn’t it? We all have experienced it one time or the other. Even while reading Sai Satcharitra or any other granthas like shripad purushartha we feel tired after reading a few pages. Sai Satcharitra, a collection of 52 adhyays. Stories of countless bhaktas written down. Was the Sai satcharitra written down in one day? We would laugh at this thought. But this was a process. Collection of stories from numerous bhaktas, interacting with them would have taken years for this granth to take shape. But not only collection of stories but putting them in the right place, using correct verses, cross references is a massive task. Though Hemadpant gives the entire credit to Sai for the creation of this grantha, which is his humbleness (another quality !) yet it was the hard work, determination and perseverance which saw the grantha taking form. What if one fine day, Hemadpant would have just woken up and said that it is not possible for me for writing of so many stories. I won’t do it…This discussion would have not taken place. We would never learn of the sweet leelas of Sai. The lighting of diyas, the rage of Baba for the pouring rain, the Handi Prasad, Sai Nivas and the story of Holi festival and many more….We must also show patience in our bhakti. Our relation with HIM should never be superficial wherein the lack of patience might just cause it to burst out. A building no matter how magnificient it is built, will collapse if the base or foundation is poor. On the contrary, even a mere brick house would stand tall in the course of whirlwinds and sandstorms if the foundations run deep within.
एक विश्वास असावा पुरता
करता हरता गुरु ऐसा

The fact that things are not working in your favour just implies that HE has some better plans for you. OR there was something even worse which stepped out of your path as he was standing. Every DAD wishes the best for his child. And our Bapu is the bestest DAD ever, so how can he overlook his child’s problems? But sometimes we lack patience and just jump the ship. Yet his unconditional love that he again tries to bring you on the correct path. Just last Thursday when Bapu spoke about the Baphomet temples being created across the world, he even mentioned that none of my child should be seen standing in that line to the temple. And if he sees anyone standing knowingly or unknowingly, he would do everything in his might to bring him or her back. What else can we ask for from him? The belief that everything will be fine when once we are under his wing will give us the strength to face anything and everything, and never stray away from the devyan path. Just the feeling should rise from within and to our lips that…

All is well Dad, All is well

I am Ambadnya,
Aniketsinh Gupte
Dombivli West Upasana Kendra