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Harsh Pawar

Hari Om ,
We are in the process of studying Shri Hemadpant …Another aspect that we can look at is the amount of time Hemadpant got to spend in the company of Sai .. Hemadpant landed in Shirdi in the year 1910 .. Baba called it a day in the year approximately 8 years is the span that Hemadpant got to be with Baba … and look at what Hemadpant made out of this comparatively small time span …it changed his life forever and for the good .. He delivered this “अपौरुष ग्रंथ” …! I consider myself unqualified to write about what Hemadpant gained in return from Sai for this mammoth effort of his …
I’m reminded of these lines from a beautiful abhanga written by Saint Dnyaneshwar :

देवाचिये द्वारी उभा क्षणभरी
तेने मुक्ति चारी साधलिया || ध्रु ||

Which again emphasizes the fact that Quality matters and not Quantity ! Hemadpant spent some quality time with Sai .. Hemadpant was a keen observer, a great student, a scholar, a fine human being who was constantly striving to get answers to the various queries he had in his mind about “Adhyatma” … and he didn’t wish to keep all that he learned from Sai just to himself ..he wanted everyone to benefit from it … and hence he thought of writing this Grantha on Sai .. Hemadpant thus brought Sai to the common man …. So much did he gain in these small time span spent with Sai !!
I personally feel that what we can learn from this is to do a “सिंहावलोकन” (retrospection) … we should ask ourselves when did we come to Bapu ? how much time has gone by ? how much have we learned ? how different I’m now than I was back then ? how strong our faith in Bapu is now than when we had first come in ? and if answers to all these questions are on a positive note , then its good .. and we should put in more efforts to make the bond even stronger ..however if the progress is not satisfactory enough then we should realize that’s its time to raise the alarm !! we should not get disheartened … we should sit back and analyze certain things and come up with a plan .. for there is nothing impossible for my Bapumauli … and as Bapus favorite quote by George Washington Carver says “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied” …
We have role models like Hemadpant and so many “Uttam” bhaktas around us to seek inspiration from …if we take a leaf out of their books , I’m sure we can also succeed on this “देवयान पंथ” ..
May Bapu help us all !!!
Shri Ram
I’m Ambadnya
Harshsinh Pawar