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Harsh Pawar

Sai the guiding spirit-Hemadpant an intellectual giant

First of all I would like to say Ambadnya to Samirdada for providing us with this wonderful platform to discuss ShreeSaisatcharit  ..I’m a newbie to this forum so a little jittery but I’ll try my best to put forward my thoughts , I will write what my Bapumauli makes me write ..

Beautiful points covered here already by my friends ….the topic chosen by Samirdada focuses on the mindset of none other than the person who delivered this amazing Grantha by the grace of Saibaba, Shri Hemadpant , before coming to Sainath .. it’s really very important to try to know Hemadpant first before we begin to study this Grantha …for its him , through whose eyes we see Sainath …so studying Hemadpant as a person , as a writer ,as a devotee , is a must !

Why did Baba chose Hemadpant as the writer of this Grantha ? was all this already planned by Baba ? we might not be knowing but Baba surely must be aware about who Hemadpant was in his previous births ..and based on his good  deeds  from his previous births did he earn enough “Punya” to be selected as the writer of this Grantha ? I’m trying here to come to the point “why did Baba gave Hemadpant a second chance in the form of Nanasaheb , to come to Shirdi ? ” was the second opportunity presented to Hemadpant based on Baba’s rule of “Sangu ekdaa , Sangu dondaa “ ? (as mentioned by Samirdada above) ..not really sure if that’s the idea behind the second chance given .. I personally feel it was all planned by Sainath well in advance as to who he wants to write this Grantha on him .. also if you keep aside all these assumptions and do a reality check …Hemadpant was an intellectual giant .. he was well versed with the Hindu Grantha’s ….the references that he draws in his writings often range from the Geeta to various other shloka’s written by Saint Tukaram and other popular saints .. so he was an ideal choice to write this Grantha ..

I think the key to success lies in grabbing the opportunity with both the hands when it arrives.. and we must give full marks to Hemadpant for believing  Nanasaheb and readily agreeing to go to Shirdi … at first he was reluctant but when the invitation came in again , he did not waste any time … now this decision making capability is entirely in our hands … as we all know Sadgurumauli doesn’t interfere with one’s “Karmaswatantrya” … at the most he might do some amount of partiality for his beloved bhaktas but nothing more than that …so keeping faith and bowing down to the almighty is a must , keeping aside ones ego .. and here Hemadpant didn’t blindly believe any strangers ..he was given the foreword about Sainath by his close pals ..who themselves had experienced the love and blessings of Baba .. so it wasn’t really a gamble that Hemadpant was going to take by visiting Shirdi ..

Having said all this .. it’s purely the call of Sadgurumauli whom he wants to have under his wings and whom he doesn’t … I used to be always  puzzled when I used to  see some people , who despite being brought to Bapu had still not developed complete faith in him and who continued to stray .. later on in one of his discourses Bapu himself  clarified my doubt when he said “its not you , but it’s me who chose you to be here with me ” …

Faith is the first step …. Rest everything will fall in place …

I’m ambadnya Bapuraya that you chose me ! I love you my Dad !!!

Harshsinh Pawar

Mumbai (Dindoshi Upasana Center)