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Sandeep Mahajan

Hari Om,

Ambadnya Dada and all the participants to this forum. Each one gets what he needs from this forum. In Harry Potter- Chamber of Secret, the Principal Dumbledore says to an assembly where Harry Potter also is present under the invisibility cloak- Help will come to those who believe. And indeed the help comes when he needs it the most in form of a Phoenix. Of course its magic fantasy written by a mere mortal. But then we do see magic happen in our lives…..only thing is that now we realise how it happens. What we used to think as a coincidence earlier or a sheer good luck, now we know how it is not just a coincidence. As Bapu Himself quoted Albert Einstien in His recent pravachan- “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Its amazing when we start seeing Saicharita stories around us. Sapatnekar’s story is so very common. We keep telling our circle about Parampujya Bapu but how many come at the first instance? Why others? Even I was like that…. number of times I must have attended Paduka Pujan at my neighbour’s place without even asking what is it about or rather who is it about? Only when the “Sankraman Kaal” came, I took Saicharita in my hand and then found Bapu. He had already found me but I never realised earlier.

And why dont we realise….. reading Dada’s post about Sapatnekar, and our own experiences this thought was going around in my mind. And Bapu Himself answered it after the Upasana on Thursday when His recorded discourse was played. He talked about जाणीव…or awareness of Parmeshwar and then went on to tell that the unique ability we Humans possess is that of असत्य which numbs this awareness and makes it difficult to catch and understand His communication to us.

Also refer to the experiment of the three cardboards with a hole in the centre. Unless the cardboards are aligned the light from one end will not reach our eye. And the alignment is reached by the Shraddha, by the Nishtha you have on Him.

And to help increase the Nishtha…. nothing like Gunasankirtan as rightly pointed out by Dada. It not only spreads the circle of Shraddha amongst others but also makes it stronger in our ownself. Hasnt Bapu said that in this Kalyug we carry a curse of forgetfullness…. विस्मृति का श्राप… and what do we forget…we keep forgetting the immense amount of grace He has bestowed on us, He keeps giving to us.

Would like to relate an experience here. Around two years back… suddenly got a call from Vaibhavsinh on a Thursday afternoon saying that a new initiative has been started to record anubhav videos which then will be uploaded on youtube for wider audience. He wanted that I record and send anubhavs from Muscat Shraddhavans. On my asking when do we need to start this I got a prompt reply that it has to start from that very day as it was Upasana day. It was a working day and I got bugged that why Vaibhavsinh is in such a hurry…. equipment has to be organised, people have to be told.

Anyways, we complied. The moment I took the camera and started recording Animaveera’s anubhav on her toddler son’s fall from 3rd floor. I must have heard that anubhav so many times but when during the recording again heard it, I realised why all this happened on that very day. My daughter was in 12th and tremendous amount of worry hung on my head as regards what next? I had tried pacifying myself that Bapu is there to take care but somehow that restlessness was not going. But listening to that experience afresh washed away all the doubts…all the vikalps. Such is the power of Gunasankirtan. The vibrations that originate soak in all who are there.

KK…sorry Ketakiveera has aptly caught on to this fact when she says above त्याच एक कारण म्हणजे कुठे तरी आपल्याला आपल्या देवाच झालेल विस्मरण… But His akarankarunya that He keeps giving us multiple chances, like how Baba gave to Sapatnekar.

With this in mind, look forward to participate in Gunasankirtan session which Jebel Ali together with UAE kendras have organised at Sharjah on 28th March.

No wonder your post came at the right time.


Sandeepsinh Mahajan