Sadguru Darshan in Sai Satcharitra


Sandeep Mahajan

Hari Om,

Was going through old posts and reread Dada’s last post. Nothing could have been more relevant today than the post discussing about Sadguru Darshan. It’s more than two months that Shraddhavans have had Bapu’s Darshan. Guru Pournima came and went but the eyes and hearts of millions remained high and dry amidst the incessant rains. Bapu whose benign presence was assured every week in Shri Hari guru gram has now become rare. Added to the distress is the fact that Bapu is in Upasana for us which makes shraddhawans more distressed that He is doing so much for us. Suddenly our Dad who. We took for granted that He is always around us, seems to have gone on long tour making us pine for Him like never before. Like a small child we know Dad has gone on tour and will bring goodies for us and we day dream about the toys He is going to bring but at night when we tug into Mom’s lap we tell Her ….I don’t want any toys, please ask Dad to come soon and immediately. The yearning to see Him grows…. And why not, as Dada quoted and I re quote

साईदर्शनलाभ घडला| माझिया मनींचा विकल्प झडला|
वरी साईसमागम घडला| परम प्रकटला आनंद|
साईदर्शनीं हीच नवाई|दर्शनें वृत्तीसी पालट होई|
पूर्वकर्माची मावळे सई| वीट विषयीं हळूहळू| – (श्रीसाईसच्चरित अ.२, ओ.१४४, १४५)

Just by Bapu’s Darshan all this happens, need this be told. For the uninitiated this is just a theoretical knowledge. Like reading one full book on how Pedha tastes one can read many times and yet not know the taste but just put one piece in your mouth and in a second you know what million pages can’t make you experience. Having Bapu in our lives has given us such a wonderful opportunity to understand the above ovi. Or the one of Madrasi Bai or for that matter the whole Saicharita.

Dada you said somewhere that reading Saicharita makes us easier to understand Bapu to go closer to Him but I guess the corollary is more stronger, being with Bapu, seeing Bapu, hearing Bapu makes us easier to understand Sai Charita. Such a lovely conundrum …. Baba first or Bapu…. till the images dissolve….Sagun sakar becomes Nirgun nirakar.

डोले भरूनि जें पाहू येई । पदीं जयाचया ये ठेविता डोई।
जेथ ज्ञानाची लागे सोई। आवडी होई ते ठाई।१४

Now that we no longer can take Him for granted, like a Chatak bird we are desperately waiting for Full Moon which we missed in the clouds on the Pournima day. Like a Mayur we keep looking for the Ghanashyam….. And the moment any of our friends put on Whatsapp that He saw Bapu during the Dattayag or she saw Bapu on one of the floors of Happy Home, the reflected Darshan itself becomes good enough for the manmayur to dance. The unending description of how Bapu looked, what He was wearing, how He smiled, how He indicated to focus on Yag….oh! Now We know what it means when poets describe that Chatak survives on the dew of the full moon night. These fleeting Darshan are our dew drops…..

But when the full fledged rains will come? Till when will we survive on dew drops? After all we do want to experience the following ovi-

पाहतां बाबांचे नयनांकडे । आपआपणां विसर पडे ।
आंतुनि येतिं जैं प्रेमाचे उभडे । वृत्ति बुडे रसरंगी ।।८९।। अध्याय १ला

again and again, again and again……

Bapu, You are so loving and we are AMBADNYA.

Sandeepsinh Mahajan