Ruthless, merciless, cruel, stone-hearted SATANISTS

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Mihir Nagarkar

Ruthless, merciless, cruel, stone-hearted SATANISTS

The editorial (No. 1101) dated 2nd April 2015 written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi in Dainik Pratyaksha is absolutely flabbergasting. Here we witness an altogether different turn of history.

From the last article we are aware that matriarch Soteria has destroyed the plans of the Satanists to create devil i.e. Jahbulon by tearing apart womb of Davidohana, who was to give birth to Jahbulon. After departure of Soteria, Isis who is mother-in-law of Davidohana realizes that she is no longer of any use to her. Cold bloodedly and without giving even a hint she slashes throat of Davidohana with a dagger and kills her in front of Davidohana’s husband Horus. Horus also is Isis’s son. Isis is also aware Davidohana is rebirth of Jambhasur. After murdering Davidohana she captures her soul in her own womb and makes rather her own womb from Jambhasur.

Such is the coldness and brutality of Isis. She has murdered her own daughter-in-law and captured her soul along with that of her last birth of Jambhasur. Moreover now with soul of Davidohana being captured in her womb Isis says she has become mother and wife of Horus, both at the same time. This is incest. Such is the level that these Satanists go to achieve their goals.

This incident has shaken Horus completely and with this he comes under complete control of Isis. She has brought her own husband Nimrod back to life who she had made unconscious. She now holds the secret key to his life. She lets him know about this and also threatens him and establishes her complete control over him as well.

Now she plans to take assistance from Nimrod and Horus and herself give birth to Jahbulon in the Nimrod Lake area in Habesha region or Ethiopia.

This indeed is ruthless, merciless, cruel, stone-hearted…. Words fall short to criticize these Satanists who are relatives of no one, not even of their own people.