Ritual Cow Sacrifice


Mihir Nagarkar

Gotubalidonan houses and Ritual Cow Sacrifice

The editorial (Tulsipatra No. 1082) written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi in Dainik Pratyaksha has some interest points to note.

Here King Gilgamesh is seen talking to himself. Gilgamesh recollects that after the Anunnakis dominated the planet Earth his legal father Hundan had made him to meet Utnapishtim (Chief Mentor of Voodoo) and Aporojatus together. This meeting had resulted in the induction of Gilgamesh in the deomonous (demon) cult as a trainee. Only after spending one year at one of the Gotubalidonan houses as a butcher was Gilgamesh accepted completely into the Demon cult.

Now from the previous editorials of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi we all know that Aporojatus had specifically erected the Gotubalidonan houses for the spread of negative vibrations and occultist cult. Every Gotubalidonan house was headed by a demon and Shukracharya was appointed as the Chief Priest presiding over all these Gotubalidonan houses. The main and the most important ritual through which the purpose of Gotubalidonan houses was being achieved was the ritual of cow sacrifice. Now the point worth noting here is, Gilgamesh was inducted into the demon cult only after he had conducted the ritual cow sacrifices for a yearlong period. This shows the wickedness of demons and clearly explains to us the piousness and importance of cows and the need to avoid consumption of beef (cow meat) and beef based products.