Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru there is full surrender, miracles do happen


A. Mohan

there is full surrender, miracles do happen

Hari Om!

It must be noted that of all the faculties a human being is endowed with, the ability to think is unique and powerful.  It can be harnessed to lead an individual to any path, either right or wrong. But acquiring control over the mind and channelizing it on the right course is an arduous task, but certainly not impossible, when we have the blessings and guidance of our Sadguru.   It is important that one is aware of the power of one’s mind and seek consciously and diligently to refine it.    It is easy for us, the average human being, to slide into depths of ignorance, feel depressed and wretched, thinking of one’s limitations, faults and incompetence.   Repeatedly giving vent to such thoughts can easily lead us into believing that what we think is true.  Such a miserable state is equal to being in hell.   Here comes the importance of having complete faith in the Sadguru.

Not everyone is destined to be in the blissful company of a Sadguru.  It requires or perhaps is the result of having plenty of punyakarma in your account from several past births.   Once in the proximity of the Sadguru, the transformation is quite gradual but certain.  But how does that transformation take place?  I think, based on my experience, the transformation takes place as under:

  1. By making you part of a prayer group and thus bringing you in the company of shradhavans, He initiates you into bhakti marg. This is how He commences the “pulling” process towards Him. The upasana, paduka poojan, slokas, chanting, namasamkirtan, etc. clears the path and cleanses you internally. Gradually, there grows a bond which you realize, is the bond between our Sadguru and His shradhavans.
  2. Feels protected. Once in the Sadguru’s fold, He becomes our mother turtle who constantly graces us with His eternal Glances! The invincible protection! The strong belief and faith that when the Mother’s protective glances are over and around us, what harm can befall on us?
  3. Tend to do only sakarmas. Over time, you realize that nothing can escape from His Omniscience and Omnipotence. The feeling that you are under constant watch and the fact that you are the window of your Sadguru through which the world assesses and evaluates your action make you restrained, and tend to do nothing that tarnishes His images and teachings.
  4. He is the doer – You now realize that you are only an instrument. He is the string puller and whatever is coming in your way is His wishes. The “I” is removed, and its all now thanks to “Shree Ram”!
  5. Everything happens for a reason – Nothing occurs by chance in life! It is destined and predetermined. Everyone who walks in your life is for a purpose, for a reason and one must treat them with respect and love.
  6. Disappointment fades away – because He gives you what is appropriate for you. We want anything and everything and the wants are never ending and never get satisfied either. Yet, we do not know what is appropriate for us. It is He who knows it all. Being in the company of Sadguru, we come to know that what is not good for you will not come to you! The Sadguru filters everything as does the ozone layer, giving us only the harmless ‘RAYS’ (Requirement Assessed Yet Sufficient).
  7. Teaches that you are the cause and effect. You are your own destiny maker by the law of karma. Does it not control our actions, thoughts and deeds?
  8. Experience is created. Everyone experiences His grace, compassion and love in one way or the other. At times, it could be in the form of a surprise visit by someone whom you thought of, a phone call by someone whom you just remembered, an unsolicited support or someone just appearing from nowhere to offer you a helping hand to save you from a life threatening disaster, and so on..
  9. He foresees calamities, bad times, turbulent days and makes you prepare for it. By then your faith on Him is paramount and 108%!
  10. Full surrender – You are now ready to surrender at His lotus feet.
  11. Miracles do happen – And when there is full surrender, miracles do happen.


Hari Om to all!

Mohan A