Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru the path of life and bhakti


karan savur

Hari Om Dada,

A guru is one who selflessly guides us on the path of life and bhakti. A guru is like a beacon light which warns us about the shoals in our life. The necessity of a guru is discussed in the 2nd chapter of the Shri Sai Satcharita. When you are blind folded and left to walk on a road with pot holes and ditches it is the guru who holds our hand and guides us as to where we have to put our next step and where we shouldn’t. In one of the pravachans P.P. Bapu had told us a story. Once a man questions god that in happier times i can always see two foot-prints walking with me and in sadness i just see my own foot-prints.why so??? that time god replies that in difficult situations it is not you who faces them but it is the Sadguru who faces it. HE hold you in times of difficulties and takes you across all the hurdles. Come what may a Sadguru stands by his Bhaktas 24×7. He is a true friend who is always with us through our ups and downs. Sadguru’s love for his children cannot be measured, it is “Aniruddha Prem” which HE showers over his children. Here i am reminded of a verse from a song:
“Gururayachi Preet Nirali, Kahi na Gheta Sare Udhali”
This is what our Bapu does in real life. He does not expect anything from his children but in return has opened his treasure for his Shraddhavaan children. Bapu has always told us “Balanno majha Khajina loota”. This “Khajina” is Bapu’s true love for his children which will never cease to flow. But who can enjoy this??? The Shraddhavaan who has full faith in Bapu, and imbibes Bapu’s principles. The only thing Bapu wants us to follow is
 एक विश्‍वास असावा पूर्ता, 
करता, हरता गुरु ऎसा
Bapu’s word must be “Brahma-Vakya”  for every Shraddhavaan. In this world it is only HE who is our true “Aapta”. Bapu wants his children to win over every situation in life. And for this HE always stand by his Shraddhavaan children to guide them, to protect them and to destroy all the obstacles from their life.

Hari Om
Karansinh Savur
Pune Upasana Kendra