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A. Mohan

Selfless love and affection

Hari Om!

It is not just the Gopikas, but every being in Vrindavan craved for Lord Krishna’s captivating and mesmerising raas of flute. That music took them to a timeless zone.Time had frozen for them while they were endowed with the bliss of Godliness.   The banks of Yamuna too reverberated with its resonant music.

The discourses of our beloved Bapu do the same thing for us. There is nectar in every word spoken by Him. There is enough for every one in each and every discourse. That is dispersion of pieces of magnet on you. Being the centre of gravitation, He pulls you towards Him.  Every action of yours thus becomes accountable and answerable.  And there is sufficient pull to re-write the destiny and prarabdhas of our life.


As He asked during the Dussera discourse, how much have we imbibed  in ourselves that Guru is the doer, the giver, the one who protects from calamities, (EK VISHWAAS ASAVA PURTA, KARTA HARTA GURU AISA) that He knows, He understands what we do, understands what we think”.

What are the ways one can imbibe  those guru mantras?

No business deal –  Don’t hold His feet for rupee appreciation, shares and property price appreciation,  promotion, lottery prize by earmarking a set “margin” or “profit” for Him.  That is your business! For that He has given you the freedom of choice of action, the consequences of which are entirely your own making.  But remember; when you believe that He is the doer and giver, and surrender your desires at His Lotus feet, He will make sure that you always get what is appropriate and necessary for you. There is no quid pro quo here.  He does not need your share or profit.  He needs only  our selfless love and affection which will be converted  into Universal Love.

Sadguru is not a magician to show or take you to a make-believe world.  The magic is in your hands in the form of freedom of choice and independent decision making powers.  But our hands and mind do not always do and form the right action and decision. However,  when you make the teachings, tenets and principles of  Sadguru as part and way of your life, you are not  stuck up, puzzled or unable to move forward. Your problems and worries become His problems and for Him nothing is a problem!  A solution, a right decision will be there soon, be assured! He knows all.

He is not a party to your prarabdha –  Stop complaining that Bapu does not do anything for you or else this misfortune or  pain would not have occurred to me.  Remember, the very fact that you have come into the Sadguru’s fold is an indication that He will ensure that every pain, misfortune, suffering and so on that you are destined to suffer due to your prarabdhas is made bearable.  They will happen only when you are able to withstand it  or when there are enough support mechanism available around. Every Bapu Bhakta will vouch for it! He (Bapu) understands!

He helps you clear your prarabdhas – That is the cardinal principle of Satguru tatva.  Sadguru facilitates cleanse your slate of prarabdhas.  That is possible only when you travel the path shown by Him and realise that nothing can be hidden from Him. We are ordinary human beings prone to make mistakes. The moment you realise and admit the mistakes, the cleansing takes effect.

Don’t make a fuss of it – Support the causes quietly.  Think that it is an opportunity given to  you to contribute for a cause.  Feel happy  that by getting this opportunity, you are getting an opportunity to wash your sin and thus settle the scores with your prarabdhas!  He is the giver!

Shree Ram!

A.  Mohan (Muscat)