Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru-reaffirmed faith


Hari Om!
Like Mani, who reaffirmed my faith (VISHWAS), there have been many such occasions in the past. Even in Muscat, Bapu’s real devotees are always around us to reaffirm our Vishwas.
Here is another experience.
Suhassinh Dongre helped us start Upasana in Muscat. He came, taped Ram Raksha for us, stayed with us for a few days. Sadhu sant yeti gharaa, tochi Diwali Dasaraa. We understood the meaning of that sentence.
Though it was a holiday, my (tyrant!) boss insisted that I should be in the office. As Suhassinh’s time to depart was nearing, I was constantly looking at my watch and furiously making presentations after presentations but my boss was not willing to let me go home. I told him I had a very important guest who needed to be dropped to the airport so that he could catch a plane. But he said “find him a taxi for him”. At that response I lost my cool. I must have been really angry because he let me go immediately.
Driving like a mad man, I rushed home, picked up Suhassinh but was sure that he would be missing the plane.
With one hand I was driving at 110 plus km, with the other, I was trying to phone the airport manager to hold the plane back and delay the departure if possible. But no luck. Nobody was answering my frantic calls.
While all this was happening, Suhassinh was relaxed and smiling and just said “Kaalji nako, Bapu majaa baghat aahet”. (Don’t worry, it is our Bapu enjoying the fun!)
How could he say that? I wondered. How can he be so relaxed and cool?
We reached the airport. Even though we were late, as if waiting only for Suhassinh because of some invisible instructions, the airport officials handed him the boarding pass and closed the counter.
Shree Ram!