Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru-Poverty and Micro Finance


Ek Vishwas Asaava Purata.
The line is beautiful. 108% true. But —
Let me honestly share an incident. My daughter who was studying in USA wanted to visit Bangla Desh as a part of her project on Poverty and Micro Finance.
She sent by courier, her passport to the Bangla Desh embassy in Delhi. After waiting for the mandatory period, she phoned to fnd out the status. She was told by the embassy that they had not received her passport. The phone was put down.
All of us panicked. Now how will she go back to USA? Her air tickets were booked.
How to raise 1.5 lakhs quickly? How to send her to Delhi alone with so much money? Where will she stay? With whom? So many questions !!!!
I work in Muscat. I rushed to the Ambassador of Bangla Desh for help. He told me flatly: “Your daughter’s passport is valuable because of the US visa. Ask her to go to Delhi with 1.5 lakhs and to plead. She may get her passport back”
“MAY? Not WILL?” I asked.
“You Indians treat Bangla Deshis so badly that here is an opportunity for us to get back at you. She should have deposited the Passport in person. Not couriered it” the ambassador told me without any emotion..
I came back to my office totally defeated with perspiration on my face.
Mani, my secretary asked me ” what happened Sir”. I told him the whole saga..He must have sensed that I was shattered and close to tears.
And Bapu did.
The next day, when my daughter went to Delhi, she got  her passport without having to pay anything.
Why was I defeated and why did Mani have the confidence? Why did he believe in the maxim – Ek vishwaas asava purataa, karta, harta, guru aisa? He had never seen Bapu.
A few days before, Mani had come to me frantically and said. “Sir, my pregnant wife is in Kerala. She has completed 9 months of labour. The inuspicious fifteen days will start tomorrow. What shall I do if the baby is not born today?”
I looked at Bapu’s photo on my table. I called Mani and my staff members. We held hands and I chanted Ghorkashttoddharanstotra for Mani’s wife.
In half an hour, Mani came to my cabin, cheerfully with sweets and the news that his wife had delivered. And that both the baby and the mother were fine.
Mani has more faith than I have. I only have the ego, that I am a Bapu devotee.
I have to chant “Ek vishwaas asaava purata, kartaa, harta, guru aisa” many many more times.
Hari Om!