Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru Murphy’s Law


Sandeep Mahajan
I am posting Sudhirsinh Naik’s comments as due to a technical glitch he is unable to do from his machine:
‘Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he’ll have to touch it to be sure – Murphy’s Law ’.To see a living proof of Murphy’s law. Look at me.For years together I kept myself away from Bapu, remained on the sidelines, because my EGO kept demanding proofs that He is SUKH KARTA. And He kept providing me with that proof. Time and time again!But that was not enough. Whenever I was anxious, in a state of utter panic, I shamelessly sought His help. And He obliged. He proved beyond the shadow of doubt that He is also Dukkh Harta.I had forgotten the maxim that to get light, one needs to press the switch/ button. To get Prachiti, one needs to have Vishwas!! But to His credit and compassionate that He is, He kept giving me Prachiti – experiences. Small and big, every day even though my Vishwas was miniscule or just not there!!!

And then I realised the simple technique. A kitten has to only say meow. The mother emerges from wherever she is. The kite (Ghaar) is looking at it’s young ones, from the sky above. The mother tortoise too is constantly looking back and keeps reassuring her young ones with her glances.

We too need to tell ourselves – He is there. And we are here because He is there! Hari Om!

Sudhirsinh Naik, Muscat