Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru -ECTOPIC PREGANANCY


Suneeta Karande

An experience of Hemantsinh and Manasiveera Kawle-  How devotee’s VISHWAS at his Sadguru’s lotus feet survives one’s life from death tragedy …..EK VISHWAS ASAVA PURTA KARTA HARTA BAPU AISA!!!!! SAKSHAT KAL has returned back… Heart touching experience… giving experience of Ovi from ANIRUDDHA CHALISA BHAGAT NE JAB HI NAM PUKARA TAB HI BAPU DUKH NIWARA…..DATTATREYA is always known as SMARTUGAMI – the one who appears with SMARAN….My BAPU shows how SMRTUGAMI is SADGURUTATVA…..

ECTOPIC PREGANANCY – an abnormal pregnancy that occurs outside the womb (uterus). The baby (fetus) cannot survive but survival of patient i.e. mother is also impossible…. Doctor’s words … prepare your mind …patient’s survival is impossible and just before operation when Hemantsinh expressed his 108% VISHWAS on BAPU …. situation dramatically turned by 360 degree…..2.5 to 3 litres blood in utreus, blood clotsof one full dish….chances of brain hammerage…SUCHIT DADA’s promising words….don’t worry at all (KAHI KALJI KARU NAKOS) …. and Manasiveera’s miraculous escape from death’s jaw…..
Here reminds me a story from Shreesaisaccharit narrated in Adhyay 34 by Hemandpant  that a man from Prabhu Kayastha cast , staying at Mumbai, went to Shirdi to solve pregnancy problem of his wife, as advised by well-known Sai devotee ” SHREERAMMARUTI” . On the delivery day , the passage of delivery was blocked and severe labor pains started .Neighbor women started calling SAIBABA and Baba’s Udi dissolved in water glass made miraculous escape of that woman. Though child was born dead , she was escaped from death.
In Hemantsinh’s experience, Bapu’s Udi was not offered to Manasiveera. But Hemantsinh’s firm trust at lotus feet of BAPU – that Ek Vishwas -108% on BAPU played role of UDI and Manasiveera’s life was saved.
Really SADGURUTATVA is always one and Unique. Names may be different , dress may be different as per new era , but devotee’s Trust proves that Ek Vishwas Asava Purta, KARTA HARTA GURU AISA…..