Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru curse of forgetting what all He does


Sandeep Mahajan

Hari Om!  Bapu has said that in the Kalyug man has the curse of forgetting what all He does for us. विस््मृती चा शाप…. And that’s the reason that even after getting so many experiences He still has to remind us again and again Ek Vishvas Asava Purta karta harta Guru aisa….. In a beautiful narration of his experience Mr Vasudeo he shows how he comes out of a situation where he has lost his job by not only getting another one the very next day but a much much better one. Don’t forget to watch the narration of Girindrasinh Vasudeo on MSD videos.

Here I can relate this to the Baba’s words of assurance – Milel Melii tee nokri when Anna Chinchinikar expresses his concern for Hemadpant’s meagre pension and his wanting a job.

What He wants is our Ek Vishwas……

Shree Ram