Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru-credit goes to our Satguru Aniruddha



To all the experiences and comments, provided by Bapu’s devotees, may
I add my learning from the time I caught Bapu’s ( I am sorry, I should
say Bapu caught my) hand.

Whatever I used to set out to do, it used to have it’s own share of
problems. Resistance, changes to assumptions, lack of resources, so on
and so forth.

Now I realise that projects get started on scale A. They get completed
on a much much bigger scale, faster and better. A square, A cube, A
times n.

Why? and How?

Because now they are not the projects of Muscat Upasana Centre. They are Bapu’s projects. And
when they become Bapu’s projects, new help rushes towards them, new
resources flow towards them, new ideas come about to complete the
projects faster. From where ? I really cannot tell.

After reading your experiences, now I think I know the answer.

Because now Karta is He! Not me, or any one devotee of Muscat Upasana Centre. If we are given the credit, we have learnt to say IDAM NA MAM. This credit is not mine. IDAM ANIRUDDHASY!
This credit goes to our Satguru Aniruddha!

Shree Ram