Reply To: The Importance of Having Complete Faith in the Sadguru-bhakta’s faith and endurance at the Sadguru’s feet.


The stories and incidents depicted in the Shree Saisachcharit root the bhakta’s faith ever more resolutely and his bhakti at the Sadguru’s feet, ever more firm and intense. Numerous such blessed moments, such instances of grace form part of the lives of Sadguru Shree Aniruddhabapu’s bhaktas too. Many of these ‘special moments’ have appeared in the Special Issues and many more are regularly published in the ‘Krupasindhu’ magazine. Some can even be watched on ‘Aniruddhabapu videos’ – the Youtube channel. The narrations of these blessed moments are not just guidance for the shraddhavaan, they serve above all, to anchor firmly, the bhakta’s faith and endurance at the Sadguru’s feet.

And faith and endurance are in fact fortitude, which in turn, is nothing but an indication of the firmly anchored bhakti of a bhakta.

The grace of Sadguru Sainath cured Saibhakta Dr. Pillai of the guinea worms and Sadguru Bapu’s grace cured Bapubhakta Dr. Rajiv Karnik of his lung cancer. We realize that a parallel can be drawn between these instances; they are similar and comparable. So it is with the incident where Sadguru Sainath rescued the ironsmith’s child from the fire by putting his hand in the burning flames and the one where Mrs. Animaveera Shettigar’s son fell down from the 3rd floor and was yet safe, totally unhurt. Sadguru Sainath in His own way, forewarned Shree Balasaheb Mirikar and saved him from a snake bite and Bapu forewarned Shree Ankushsinh Choudhary that he ought to stay away from water during his stay in Thailand which saved this Bapubhakta from a grave mishap.

Now, I wish that we study and discuss on the forum, the value “May we have the one firm and complete faith that the Sadguru alone is the Doer; He alone, the Protector” (Ek vishvas asawa purta, karta harta guru aisa) in the context of the similarity that we draw between the moments of grace that the bhaktas of Sainath had been blessed with and those that Bapubhaktas have been blessed with.