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This platform provides an unique opportunity. To get so many views. To get so many inputs. For example the linkage with Chapter 11 – rudradhyay. Shiv as the destroyer (sorry LAY karanari shakti). The inputs from Khaparde’s diary were a revelation. Our Up Pramukh Sandip has advised to add my two bits to this fascinating journey. So here I go.

To me, Sudhir Naik of the 21st century is the early part of Megha. And that is very reassuring.

I was an ASHRADDH who is now struggling or stumbling on the way towards becoming a Shraddhawan. Even though I was introduced to Bapu in the nineties, I too started with my doubts about Bapu. It took me a LOOONG time to figure out that He is beyond my “format”, in which I tried to fit Him. More, much more. I could never figure out what He really wanted from me. Like Megha, what I was offering to Him was my EGO. I have still not understood why He loves me so much. But He loves me. That I know.

Like Megha received experiences, I have received prachiti. In my own way. Receive it every day.

Like Baba cried when Megha left this body, will Bapu cry when I depart from this life. No. I think He will not. And I think He should not. Because I know that He is preparing me for a place in the Bharg Lok. The rest is up to me, .I am still not fully doing what Bapu asks us to do. So to become Megha, I have “miles to go before I sleep”

But I know one thing from the Megha story. I need not go to other temples, to other “Gurus”. Bapu is enough. He only needs my single pointed devotion and love. The “Shiv” within Him is to absorb the poison in me, my defects, and to help me to dissolve. In Him! Is He only the Shiv? No I don’t think so. He is also the Vishnu. One who teaches me Vivek. He is the Brahma without the ego.

For Megha, Mr Sathe was his Aniyat Guru. I have had several. It took me time to find my Niyat Guru. Now that I have found Him, or better still, now that He has found me, or pulled me, like the “Samarthangharache Shwaan” I need to only be with Him, Around Him, Do what He asks me to do. That’s all. Let me stop my “intellectual” analysis. And surrender!!!

Hari Om!