Reply To: Megha a sincere devotee and his journey on the path of Bhakti-devotion funeral of Megha


Suneeta Karande

Megha is such an ardent devotee that his life guides us from various aspects.
Let us look at MEDHA’S NIRYAN i.e.death .
Anjanaveera Mahajan wrote about funeral of Megha performed by Saibaba. Here ,we see that Baba showed His Bhaktasakhyatva. By Sai’s grace , Megha was totally engrossed in Sai’s bhakti. In 11th Adhyay i.e Rudradhyay of Shreesaisaccharit , Hemandpant told us GURUMAHIMA in very apt words.-
पुरेल अपूर्व इच्छित काम । व्हाल अंती पूर्ण निष्काम । पावाल दुर्लभ सायुज्यधाम । अखंड राम लाधाल ।।१५२।।
We find Megha’s death was not a normal death of common man. He achieved his ultimate aim of Mukti. There are 4 types of Mukti – Sayujya, sameepya, salokata and 4th one I don’t remember exactly but may be salokya (described in Adhyay 50, Ovi 25) . But During his stay in Shirdi, Megha was blessed by Sai and he got opportunity of Baba’s SAMEEPYA.
Thus Baba satisfied Megha’s ultimate desire , finally He made him completely Nishkam ( a situation where ther is no wish /will has to be fulfilled ramined in one’s mind ). Ultimately Megha achieved SAAYUJYADHAM at his benevolent SAIBABA’s lotus feet and thus he gained AKHANDA SAIRAM.

Bapu told us that when Megha was expired , some people started gossips that there was nobody of Megha, no mother -father, no family , no relatives, no friends. So who was there who would cry for him , on his death. But once you surrender at His feet, He is yours and yours and take care of not only your Yogkshema, but of every thing. When Baba heard about these words , He proved by His aacharit that it was not possible that there was none for Medha. Baba Himself went to smashan taking all bhaktas with Him , He showered flowers on Megha. Not only this , but Baba cried for Megha and He performed rituals of funeral. Here Baba showed” MAYAMANUSHYAM HARI ” quality as described by Saint Tulsidas in SUNDARKAND.
P.P. Bapu also showed us this during funerl of our beloved Meenavaini. Bapu walked on the roads with Pujya Meenavaini , He also went to Smashan bhoomi and also took all of us. Bapu also cried alot and finally Bapu performed funeral rituals first time before Chetansinh.
This shows that Parmatma when manifests in SAGUN form of a human being, He follows all rules laid by His mother Motthi Aai (Aadimata Mahishasurmardini)and Dattgurubappa. He also expressed deep grief . He cries like a common man on death of His near ones and dear ones.
Hemandpant described it in Ovi –
मेघा जेव्हां पावला पंचत्व । पहा तैं उत्तरविधानमहत्त्व । आणीक बाबांचे भक्तसख्यत्व । मेघा तो कृत्कृत्य आधींच ।। १२०।। (अध्याय ३१)
होतां मेघाचे उत्तरविधान । सवें घेउन भक्त समस्त । स्मशानयात्रेस गेले ग्रामस्थ । बाबाही गेले स्मशानाप्रत । पुष्पें वर्षत मेघावर ।। १२१।।
होतां मेघाचे उत्तरविधान । बाबाही झाले साश्रुलोचन । मायानुवर्ती मानवासमान । शोकनिर्विण्ण
मानस ।।१२२।।
प्रेमें बाबांनीं निजकरें । प्रेत आच्छदिलें सुमननिकरें शोकही करुनि करुणास्वरें।
मग ते माघारे परतले ।।१२३।।
Actually SAINATH means Sakshat Ishwar, PARABRAHMA. This sadgurutattva is beyond limits of MAYA . But Baba was is human body form i.e. saguna , sakar.So here He cried , His mind was fully engrossed in sorrow on his beloved bhakta Megha’s death. Here He showed us to express our sorrow, our feelings for our beloved ones. He never said that I am not affected by Maya. This is what MAYAMANUSHYAM HARI quality, that He follows human’s rules.
These things are very important for us.
P.P. Bapu also asks in SHREEMADPURUSHARTHA GRANTHRAJ – to help other shraddhavans when death occurs in their family by all means. We must participate in funeral as well as all other types of helping hands must be forwarded for their moral support. BAPU also promised that when Shraddhavan walks with dead body of some shraddhavan to smashan bhoomi chanting RAMNAM, BAPU Himself also chants His Guru’s nam with that shraddhavan.
Thus SAI and BAPU are no longer different for us. Meenavaini told this TRUTH to understand BAPU one must thoroughly study Shreesaisaccharit.