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Megha a sincere devotee and his journey on the path of Bhakti-devotion
Hari om. Suhassinh, you are absolutely right. a common man always makes mistake of putting Sadgurutatvaa in the frame which he wants, whereas He is beyond all types of frames. That’s why when in P.P. Samirdada conducted a Shibir of Gunsamkirtan about P. P. Bapu, he insisted not to fit Bapu in frame of only Sadguru or God. He told us that for many people Bapu is best friend, for someone Bapu is best philosopher, for some Bapu is good sportsman, for some Bapu is good gymnasium, for some Bapu is teacher very good guide, for some Bapu is Marshal Art teacher and so on. Similarly in Shreesaisaccharit we also see Sainath has been viewed in different forms for differnet bhaktas. For Ramopasak Doctor Sai gave darshan in Ram Roopa, for Madrasi woman Sai became her Neelotpan , dhanurdhari Ram, but sometimes Baba has given darshan in Vitthal roopa to 90 years old Gaulibua as well as Dasganu during Vitthal-nam Saptah. How Baba will apeear to some one , that totally depends on one’s BHAV. Hence great Saint Eknath Maharaj told BHAV TOCHI DEV. I think that’s why Veda also described Him as NETI NETI – He is not like this , He is not like this. He can bear any Roopa.
As you said BAPU asked us to visualize Bhakta’s acharit i.e his behaviour , his saburi and his firm , unshakable trust and wholehearted Bhakti, in Medha’s story , we find that his devotion for SHIVA i.e. Shankar was unshakable. When he listened about Sainath from his owner Ravbahadur Sathe , his mind was not in dual situation. That time he was confused about Baba’s religion , as he came to know that Baba stays in mosque and people consider Him as Yavan (muslim). But he did not think about leaving Shiva Shankar and accepting Sai as his God. later on when he realized his mistake of taking doubts about Baba, his bhakti was blossomed. He started looking Shiva-shanakar in SAI himself. In begining ,originally Megha was intense bhakta of Lord Shiva. But afterwards Sainath Himself become Shiva for him. The ovi clearly describes Megha’s unweavering faith at Sai’s feet –
मेघा आधींच शंकरभक्त । होतां साईपदी अनुरक्त । शंकरचि भावी साईनाथ । तोच उमानाथ तयाचा।।१४७।।
करीं मेघा अहर्निश । साईशंकर- नामघोष । बुद्धिही तदाकार अशेष । चित्त किल्मिष्विरहित ।। १४८।।
We must learn Megha’s unbreakable trust and wholehearted bhakti for Sai.