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This is fascinating. It will go a long long way in making Sai Sat Charitra more popular. A layman like me can me now understand the finer points in the Sai Sat Charitra.

I have several queries and let me ask the first one here. Is the story in the first chapter completely true or is it “maayik” like the story of the Rohila?

For example, How can 4 ladies grind the wheat unless two are taking turns because if 4 of them decide to grind sitting together, they will have to sit in a big circle and bend a great deal forward to grind. Also can 4 hands sit one on top of another unless the handle is very long and hammered in frequently?
Or is it that the 4 ladies really represent something else? Krodh, Moh, Mad, Matsar which force us to seek a quick return for all our efforts?

Another doubt I have is about the two sparrows. One dies and the other survives. Why?
Does this signify something ?

Hope you post your replies soon.