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Suneeta Karande

Hari Om Dada.
Because of you and this discussion forum we are getting opportunity to learn Bhav of every bhakta for his SAI and BAPU. Dr. Narsikar pointed out that in Megha’s story Sainath has proved His control over JAL Mahabhut. Even he has guided us by the verse , that to gain His krupa , we have to take blessings of Uma and Maheshwar means SHRADDHA and SABURI plays important role on this Devyan path.
पूर्ण श्रद्धा आणि धीर । हेचि मूर्त उमा महेश्वर । मस्तकीं नसतां यत्कृपाकर ।
दिसे न विश्वंभर हृदयस्थ ।।६० ।। ( अध्याय ३७)
This reminds me a story read in our “Adhyatma Prabodhini” about Hemandpant. We all know that Hemandpant’s Bhav behind writing Shree Saisaccharit was to know how his SAI from different bhaktas angle. After looking the Leela of grinding wheat , he took permission from Saibaba for writing his Charitra. But at the same time it was told in “Adhyatma Prabodhini” that once when Hemandpant went to Shirdi to meet his beloved Sadguru Sai, he was sick with fever , before reaching to Shirdi. That time one very kind old woman took care of him during their stay at Dharmashala in Kopargaon. Actually Hemandpant and that old woman were not familiar to each other at all. But still that woman took care of Hemandpant as he was bhakta of her Sadguru Sainath. Looking at her bhav Hemandpant realized that for every bhakta his SAI is different from what our SAI as we feel. That old kind woman was none but our Dwarkamai( Bapu’s Panaji ) . Then Hemandpant realized he must know how every bhakta loves his Sai , how every one pray to him and how bhakti also plays effective role in human being’s life to make it fruitful. If I am not correct please correct me. But this story was given in Adhyatma Prabodhini that it played a vital role for Hemandpant in making decision of writing Baba’s Charitra.
This also reminds me that Shankar or Shiva is form considered for LAY tatva. But BAPU told us that in SHIVA -SHAM beej is involved . SHAMAN KAROTI ETI SHANKARA. That means SHARANYA at sadguru’s feet gives us life free of Ran (i.e.war).
शारण्य – शं बीज देते रणापासुन सुटका. मनात जे नाना विचारांचे रण माजते, काहूर उठतो त्यापासुन हा शिव-शंकर च आपली मुक्तता करतो. म्हणुनच श्रद्धा आणि सबुरी शिकविणार्या ह्या सदगुरु साई अनिरुद्धाला शरण जाउ या , तोच आम्हांला परपारी नेइल.
श्रीराम .
सुनीतावीरा करंडे