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Anjana Mahajan

Hariom ,

Ambadnya Samirdada for giving us such a wonderful platform to share our views on Shree Saisatcharit,and making it lively by giving us guidance on different topics from Saisatcharit.

As Harshsinh has asked to keep this ‘yadna’like discussion continue forever by putting the ‘samidha’ of our thoughts.

Everyone has contributed wonderful points on the given given topic.Ketakiveera,Harshsinh,
Pranilsinh and Suneetaveera have shared their views.

Ketakiveera reminded us the discourse given by Samirdada on ‘Journey of Hemadpant in Shreesaisatcharit ‘.Samirdada has explained beautifully how we should learn from Hemadpant’s every step taken towards progress on the path of Devyan panth and make him our ideal on the journey of Bhakti marg.

Harshsinh has aptly noted the story of Aditimati from Upanishad and told how to keep our faith firm at the feet of Mothi Aai and be always grateful to her.He also gave example of the great scientist ,Bapu told in His discourse that how he had full faith on God even after he lost everything.

Pranilsinh has written about the importance of Sadguru in our life and told that we should make Bapu our ‘Hukumshah’,of our life and give remote control in his hands and make Him to do he wants to do in our life.Pranilsinh has nicely given the reference of ‘Kshamasugandha ‘ prayer from the ‘Upnishad’ ,where we pray to Mothi Aai to take the right of making decisions in our life.

Suneetaveera has given very nice points by explaining from Bapu’s discourse,the true meaning of ‘ Varkari ‘ one who fight with enemies; his destiny. The Varkaris have full faith at the feet of Lord Vitthala,and showed how to be surrendered at Sadguru’s feet and say..’हे माझया सदगुरू,सर्व काही तुझया इच्छेने होवो़़ ।’

Samirdada has given us another dimension by giving the story of Sapatnekar ,whose mind was full of doubts regarding Sadguru and who comes to Saibaba after his friend Shewde’s gunsankirtan but sheds his ego finally ,when he has no options left in his life except sheltering at Baba’s feet. he misses the opportunities given by Baba but in the end realises Baba’s glory and falls at His feet .Saibaba blesses him and fulfills his wishes .Sapatnekar not only gets one son but gets four sons by the grace of Saibaba’s Akaran Karunya.

On the other hand we see Ratanji Wadiya of Nanded ,who is a kind hearted gentleman,who does all types of charity and a devotee of God.He has all the happiness in life except a son.By Dasganu Maharaj’s gunsankirtan ,Ratanji comes to Saibaba.After seeing Baba he fully surrenders at his feet..He has unspoken wishes in front of Baba,and he does not ask anything to Baba as considering that Baba knows all his wishes.Ratanji’s this quality of having no expectation,pleases Baba and Baba blesses him with 14 children,where only four sons remain alive. Here we see in Ratanji ‘s case ,he has gratitude,faith and patience,full surrender at Baba’s feet which makes Baba happy and ,he gets Baba’s grace immediately. Saibaba blesses him with udi and says..’.मनाची मुराद पुरविल अल्ला । ‘

As Ratanji does not utter a word what he wanted,but only says in his heart,knowing as Baba is ‘Trikaldarshi’,omniscient ,….
‘मी दूरदैवी अलपज्ञ ।नेणे पूजा अर्चा यज्ञ।िवधिवशे हे ितर्कालज्ञ ।प्राज्ञदरशन घडलेकी ।आपण जानता माझी चिन्ता ।करा दूर ती कृपावंता ।लोटू नका या अनन्य भकता़।पायापरता दयाला ।

Ratanji shows all the bhaktas how to ask at God’s feet by surrendering with full faith and say to God whatever you give I will accept it as God ,You know everything and accepted all the blessings of Baba happily…..
‘यदृचछेने जे जे घडावे।तयातचि जयांचे चित्त सुखावे ।एसे रतनजी गोड़ स्वभावे ।खेद न पावले तिलभर ।’
Ratanji’s story teaches us as written in Aniruddha mahima….

‘जे जे मजसाठी उचित तेचि तू मला देशील खचित।नाही तकरार राघवा।
At our Sadguru ,our feelings should be at his feet and let Him decide what is good for us as Ratanji Wadia did़़़़़़़….
‘सब सौंप दिया है जीवन का अब भार तुम्हारे हाथों में ।चाहे हार मिले या जीत मिले उपहार तुम्हारे हाथों में ।’
Adyapipa also says in his abhang….

‘पुष्प उमलले जे माझे तुलािच ।तुला तुझे देताना ही भरूनी मी राही ।
माझे तरी काय देवा सर्व तुझेिच रे देवा।
तुझे असो तुझापाशी मींच होय तुझा ।….

Anjanaveera Mahajan,