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Aniketsinh Gupte

The incidents and stories in the Saisatcharit relating to Lord Shiva

hari om and shree ram dada for starting such a wonderful forum. Just two topics old and we are witnessing the great treasures of Sai Satcharitra being unfold in front of us. During Panchsheel exams we have read Sai Satcharitra, understood the stories and interpreted the meaning as per his/her own knowledge. But with this forum in place now we can learn more and more. And more we learn about Sai and the life of his bhaktas, the thirst increases more and more.

Sandeepsinh Mahajan – very aptly the life of Megha has been fit into the Panchsheel practical aboce. Shreeram for the same.

About Megha, i would just like to say that all things happen for a reason. And the reason is our Sadguru. The ties of every shraddhavan has been tied to his Sadguru for all the lifecycles. So how could Megha stay away from Baba? It was HIS LEELA that Megha came in contact with Sathe, a Sai devotee himself. But as Bapu says, ” The path of Bhakti is not for weak-hearted” So initially there are doubts in Megha’s mind about Sai staying in the masjid but eventually those are also cleared and Megha becomes an ardent devotee of Sai. The entire life of Megha then was devoted to Sai. Megha’s story teaches us a very strong lesson. “Apna Takiya nahi chodna…”, yes, once we put faith in our Sadguru we must never ever leave his path. “His leelas are beyond the human imagination”. so very true. We just can’t imagine to what lengths our Bapu goes to plan, to give us the best for us. This is pure love, which cannot be matched by any human. During his discourse on “Om Mantray Namah” on gurukshetram mantra, Bapu has clearly told that once you are admitted into Gurukshetram, it is very difficult for anyone to leave it and go. What holds us back? It is HIS love. Same as was of Sai for Megha…