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Suneeta Karande

The incidents and stories in the Saisachcharit relating to Lord Shiva-Shivratri.

Hari Om, Dada. Today is Shivratri and on the launch of the forum based on Shree Saisachcharit our very first theme is ‘The incidents and stories in the Saisachcharit relating to Lord Shiva’, the references to Shiva contained in it and the significance of all these’. What an APT theme!

On the very first page of SHREESAISACCHARIT, we read the very first OVI –
गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुगुरुर्देवो महेश्वर: । गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नम: ।।1 ।।
The meaning is very significant and all of us are familiar with it.
In the very first Adhyay of SHREESAISACCHARIT, Hemandpant narrated his bhav from Ovi that my Sadguru SAINATH , Himself is UMESH i.e. UMAPATI , Lord SHIVA as well as RAMESH (VISHNU) and SAVITRISH (BRAHMA) for me.
हे साईनाथ स्वप्रकाश । आम्हां तुम्हीच गणाधीक्ष । सावित्रीश किंवा रमेश । अथवा उमेश तुम्हीच ।।१९!!
When SAINATH and His SHIVA Swaroop , topic is seen first thought comes to mind is of great ardent devotee Megha , who dedicated himself to the lotus feet of his benevolent Sainath considering SAINATH as Shankar ,as Umanath only. Megha’s beloved deitee was Shivashankar. When he first time arrived there was vikalpa in his mind about Sainath as his guru Ravabahadur Sathe told him that someone call SAINATH as AVINDH (YAVAN) as He sits in Mosque( MASJID). Being Brahmin, Medha was confused to accept Saibaba as SHIVA and offer Him GANGODAKSNAN. But during his first meeting only he saw SAI’S UGRA SWAROOP of SHIVA. Hemandpant described very beautifully that My SAI started His Leela.
उग्र स्वरूप धारण केलें । पाषाण हातीं घेउन वदले । खबरदार पायरीवर पाउल ठेविलें ।यवनें वसविलें हे स्थान ।। १३८ ।। (अध्याय २८)
तें कातावलेपणाचें रूप । दुजें प्रळयरुद्राचें स्वरूप । पहाणारांस होत थरकांप । चळी तव कांपत तव मेघा ।।१४० ।।
Then we further read that though SAINATH was furious at first sight, actually He was very kind and generous to Megha. How Sainath removed his vikalpa , doubt of crist and creed and real bhakti was cultivated in Megha’s mind. This ovi shows how my SAI makes a sculpture i.e. SHILPA out of a stone, by removing unwanted portion . really His SHIVA form He bears to destroy our wrong doubts, our evil thoughts, so as to start pure and pious flow of real BHAKTI in our mind.
मेघा आधींच शंकरभक्त । होतां साईपदी अनुरक्त । शंकरचि भावी साईनाथ । तोच उमानाथ तयाचा।।१४७।।
करीं मेघा अहर्निश । साईशंकर- नामघोष । बुद्धिही तदाकार अशेष । चित्त किल्मिष्विरहित ।। १४८।।
My Sadguru Sai, has converted Megha’s mind into Chitta and that too without any doubt, fault, He filled it with NAM . For Sadguru , any name whether you call Him as Shiva or Vishnu, doesn’t make any difference. That’s why HE is TRIVIKRAM i.e. HARIHAR swaroop for his devotee. Sadguru Bapu explained us this Sadguru’s Harihar Swaroop as TRIVIKRAM and hence also established TRIVIKRAM in our SHREEANIRUDDHA GURUKSHETRAM.
I bow to the lotus feet of my SAI ANIRUDDHA’s this SHIVA swaroop , who poured a vast knowledge about NITYASHIVA, SADASHIVA and PARAMSHIVA swaroopa through His agralekha and also gave us opportunity to perform pooja of SHREEMAHADURGESHWAR as PARAMSHIVA form.
Shreeram Dada, for giving us nice opportunity to discuss and share our thoughts via this Discussion Forun plateform .