Reply To: The incidents and stories in the Saisachcharit relating to Lord Shiva.


The incidents and stories in the Saisachcharit relating to Lord Shiva.

Pujya Sameerdada, Many polite regards.We all feel very lucky to have such a blog and forum. Discussions guided by you in this forum will certainly take every Shraddhavan towards “Shreyas” or “Abhyuday”.

Shraddhavans are posting their views and feelings with full enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.
As per given topic everyone has aptly pointed Medha story. I just want to add a few lines.
Medha means Buddhi in sanskrit .
Shiv means complete Purity,Shuddhi,Pavitrya.
This story at our Dehantargat level depicts efforts done by Buddhi to gain such Shuddhi.As Medha walks bare foot on hills and jungles to fetch Godajal or Bilva patra for Sadguru poojan ignores his physical stress ,Buddhi has to ignore physical suffering to bring about such purity to his body,mind and intellect –‘TRISHUDDHI”.
This makes BABA happy.
This makes BAPU HAPPY.
BABA did not want to have a bath at that time.For the sincere efforts put by Medha for the purity BABA bows down (HAARIS AALE) and accepts THE BATH,shows him HIS control over JALMAHABHUT-as a reward.(HE is always following bhaktas with HIS DUDHACHI WATI !)
Let us pay attention to verse 60 of Chapter 37.
पूर्ण श्रद्धा आणि धीर / हेचि मूर्त उमा महेश्वर’/
मस्तकी नसता यात्कृपाकर /दिसे न विश्वंभर र्हिद्य्स्थ//
And verse 53 of chapter 19
धैर्य तीच गे बाई सबूरी /सांडू नको तिजला दूरी/
प डता केव्हाही ज्ड भारी /हीच परपारी नेईल//
Here we learn Shraddha and Saburi to be Uma and Shankar. This Dhairya or Shiv with shraddha takes one out of Bhavsagar. Hence, Samarth Ramdas Swami says, कृपाळुपणे अल्प धारिष्ट्या पाहे., illustrating necessity of shraddha and saburi for aatmaram darshan.