Reality Behind Myths of Dragons


Mihir Nagarkar

Reality Behind Myths of Dragons

Right from our childhood we have been hearing stories of fire breathing Dragons. Dragons have mostly been synonymous with China and Chinese culture. Most of us would have dismissed the dragon tales as a fables or hoaxes. But in the current on-going series on Anunnaki written by Aniruddha Bapu in Dainik Pratyaksha we learn about the real origin and form of dragons.

During the meeting of Vratis in the dungeon below Rhea’s house Dhamir explains the first sightings of Dragon off the coast of Mexico. He describes dragon as a two-headed creature with 2-heads with long necks. Through confirmed reports from Artemis, Dhamir reports that dragon citings had become very common throughout the Pacific Ocean right from the American to the Chinese coasts. With this, in various regions Dragons have also been known as Labosa, Lamadrugon and Dragonus. The dragon used to attack any ship in the Pacific region and used to break it to pieces.

One of the two forward heads of the dragon was even capable of gulping huge warships and the second head, just behind it could breathe fire and smoke as well. The dragons were 2300 feet in length and 400 feet in width. The normal length of their necks was 10 feet but they could extend up to 70 to 80 feet when the dragon was in the attacking mode. The fire breathing outlet (head of dragon) could destroy an airplane flying at a height of 20,000 feet.

After this explanation Athena reveals these so-called sea creatures were not living entities but they actually were submarines created by Nimrod (Nimrod was the one who after killing Hiram Abiff was impersonating him). This lead everyone to conclude that through dragon, Nimrod had now prepared for the World War and was ready to take complete control of the seas.

These dragon subs were named Leviathan by Nimrod. This word if reversed becomes Nahtaivel. Nahtai is the word that Nimrod, Horemakhet and Typhon use to wrongly denote Mahadurga or the Divine Mother and Vel means the destroyer. So Leviathan ultimately means destroyer of the Divine Mother.

So to conclude dragons actually are submarines and not living creatures. They are created by Nimrod to fight the Divine Mother.