Real History Origin of Thugs


Mihir Nagarkar

Real History & Origin of Thugs

The Tulsipatra series being written Aniruddha Bapu has been a Pandora’s Box. It has opened up the reality and answers behind so many mysteries, myths and conspiracy theories. In the editorial no. 1132 Bapu opens up yet another secret. Here he has written about the real history and origin of the Thugs.

It starts in Syria. Here Sathadorina or Circe teams up with a gang of a local and secretive Aralvi tribe. Circe presents herself as a helpless lady of another dacoit tribe who are known frauds – the Anturik-Dhaki tribe. The Aralvis accept her and give her a new name – Thuggee.

After this Thuggee makes the head of the Aralvi gang fall in love with her and becomes the consort of him and starts wielding power over the gang. Thuggee herself ensures that all the gang members get respectable and gentlemanly social positions in the King Minos’s newly found, kingdom of Soreyila (modern day Syria). They all behave as respectable gentlemen during the day but secretly loot at night. (This was the basic modus operandi of the Thugs everywhere).

One night the while the entire Aralvi gang was gathered in the plush house of Thuggee before proceeding on a loot, the gang is struck with some occult magic spell. Everyone suffers extreme pain due to it. Finally Thuggee recites some occult hymns loudly and frees the gang from the occult spell. But this results in murder of her consort – the gang head. She blames him to possess ill intensions of solely possessing the gang’s loot. She further blames him for casting the occult spell on the gang and proves her point by saying that her recitation of occult hymns resulted in his killing.

The entire Aralvi gang believes this version of Thuggee, falls in her trap and accepts her as her Gang Head as well as their Head Witch. She also ‘buys’ many officials of King Minos and as a result is appointed as the Chief Security Officer of Minos’s kingdom. Further, Thuggee establishes Temple of Scaly in the mountains of Syria with help of her fellow Thugs. Scaly is the chief deity of the Picatrix school of knowledge which is basically a form of occult magic.

This Scaly is none other than Ninku who is none other than Caridwen (Cerridwyn) and she is ancestor of Harennakhus. She is the greatest of the witches of this world so far. She is wife of Shukracharya and mother of Danu.

So this is how Thuggee or Circe founded the cult of Thugs who originally were secretive dacoits and worshippers of occult deity Scaly or Ninku.