Only the presence of Hercules is needed by Aphrodite to fight


Mihir Nagarkar

There is one more thing worth mentioning about Hercules here. Demeter says that it is only the presence of Hercules that is needed by Aphrodite to fight and win with the Dracos at the gate of Cosmic Doorway of 4th dimension.

Moreover all the points that are mentioned above about Hercules or Baldev (King of Greece and Varanasi) are a pointer to the fact that Hercules was an expert warrior, he had a very sharp and intelligent mind, he is true devotee of Magna Themes or Mahadurga. He has capacities of undertaking inter-stellar flights as well. He is the best intelligence officer that Zeus has. He is totally fearless. Moreover is he good at so many other tasks like drawing maps, training horses and the list goes on. Moreover he is a lover at heart.

With these qualities it feels like Hercules just cant be a common ‘man’. It is worth questioning ourselves to find if he is an pious avatar or Godly manifestation just like Aphrodite.