Mahamata Soteria is a real warrior


Ajay Bhalkar

Hari Om
Mahamata Soteria is a real warrior,even though at the age of 1500 soteria stand very firmly & fight against all enemy for saving all her children in worse scenario.
with full heart of trivikrama bhakti she have been giving direction to her children from initial.
she killed jahanbulon before getting birth.
she trained her children in different arts for fighting against enemy.
she is living as bungi with lilith at that same time she is living as pussa with nuite .
she made enemy relationship between lilith & nix.
in this way there are so many task she did successfully.
under soteria guidance definitely zeus will win the fight.

||hari Om|| ||Shri Ram|| ||Ambadnya||
||jai jagdamb jai Durge||