Looting a dacoit is never a loot


Mihir Nagarkar

Looting a dacoit is never a loot

The last editorial published in Dainik Pratyaksha written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi published on 08 February 2015 contains a total pack of various postures, plans and attributes that intelligence agents and diplomats operating undercover in the enemy territory are required to exercise and follow. It also makes clear various principles that are considered to be correct and righteous in the battlefield.

As seen in the last article Demeter, sister of Zeus disguised as Thada secretly meets their brother Hermes, Saurethus who is son of Zeus and Apollo who is son of Hermes and Leto and asks them to continue to disguise as Cetu-Vetu people and continue to wear their attire and follow their customs. But at the same time she takes care of maintaining the sanctity of their religious followings and beliefs.

Here we also read about Emperor Zeus and Empress Bijoymalana or Vijaymalini fooling all the devious Cetu, Vetu and Chetu people by assuming the face and form of their rulers Sathadorina or Circe and Utnapishtim and actually ruling over them without they knowing about it. For deceiving these enemy people both Zeus and Bijoymalana use layered cosmetic masks exactly matching the faces of Circe and Utnapishtim created by specially by Mother Soteria. Zeus and Bijoymalana are also seen performing few ceremonies of Cetu-Vetu people. Further we also read that Bijoymalana has cut the tongue of cunning Circe and made her dumb and mute. She is been shown as imprisoned Rhea instead to Cetu-Vetu soldiers by Zeus and Bijoymalana and deceitfully imprisoned and made into a human pet.

Further in the article Demeter continues to fool the Vetu soldiers by performing their rituals. While performing these rituals it also becomes clear to us that Lamazu is actually Prometheus, son of Enaka and Pazuzu is Ziron (real Lamazu and Pazuzu have been killed by Demeter) and these good people are also fooling the treacherous Vetus. Here we also discover the Hestia, who is the younger sister of Demeter has also taken the form of Thada and she too is fooling the Vetus along with Demeter.

Matriarch Soteria or the Goddess of Safety is the senior-most person in the pious Savarni bloodline. She is currently serving Lilith, the demoness, in the Akkad mountains disguised as a maid coming from Anatolia region in what is another undercover operation. Soteria has now ascended to become Special Advisor of Lilith. We need to keep in mind a fact that this is senior in intelligence operations even to Leto who is the designated Head of Intelligence Department of Emperor Zeus.

What is most important is all these disguises and undercover plans are executed by Zeus and Bijoymalana with the complete approval and collusion of divine Aphrodite. Hence All these plots by pious Savarni and Vrati members definitely clarify the saying that ‘looting (fooling) a dacoit / thief is never considered to be loot or theft’.